How to Download Facebook video Without Any App or Website Hidden Tricks

If you’re a Facebook users and want to download any Video from Facebook without using any tool or website then you can follow this guide. In this post I have shared with you my personal tips which you can follow to download any video or stories without any app or website help. So also you can download the original regulation video without wasting your time. And the good news is you can use this trikes with Android or IOS devices just you need to have chrome browser.

Download original regulation

Following this trike, you can download any Facebook videos you can download with in one click, the good news is you can also download stories as well. And as you know after uploading a video or photo on Facebook which become low quality, just because of auto compress features. But you can download that regulation, which is the compress version. As we know, people upload daily million of photos and videos on Facebook and that’s why Facebook now using auto compression features which make low quality and it also good for whose people who have limited data package.

Requirement: Chrome browsers

How to download FB videos without App?

Well, it’s a very easy method and everyone can use this features which have inbuilt in Chrome browser. And following this trike you can save your time and data both. So follow the steps down below where I have shown you with step by step with picture.

1st Steps: As I have already said to you, this very easy method which you’ll love to use. So open your Chrome browser and open and log in.

How to Download Facebook video Without Any App

2nd Steps: Now you are on Facebook web mode from your mobile device. So watch or search any videos.

how to download Facebook video with 4K

3rd Steps: Now play that video and after watching few seconds, long press that video, and you’ll see the popup download option.

Facebook video download without Apps

4th Steps: So now click on the download button and that video will start downloading which you can watch offline. (Same way you can download also stories)

Easy way you can download Facebook stories

Others way you can download Facebook video

However, there are few more way you can download Facebook videos or photos and those are also easy as well. Read down below and know others ways.

Using Apps: And it also very easy to use this method which you have to download an app which will help you to download different social platform videos like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Also, there are types of tool app has available which you can use to download videos to watch offline. And most popular one is Snaptube. The good news is this app is free to use for Android and iOS.

Using Websites: Did you know you can also use a website web tool to download any Facebook videos or photos for free. The most popular site is where you have to visit and paste the link of video and photo, and then it will take few time then your download file will be ready to download with different regulation.

Popular FAQs

How to download Facebook stories video?

It, a very easy way you can download any friend’s Facebook stories videos, just follow this steps, Open Facebook web from Chrome>> click any stories>> long press that video>> downloading option will pop up.

Can I download 4K full regulation video from Facebook?

Yes, that also possible when the publisher has published that video in 4k regulation also you can use a app which called snaptube, and for web tool you can use to download any video with different regulation.

How can I download private videos from Facebook?

Navigate to in your web browser. In a separate tab, log into Facebook and go to the page of the video you want to download. If you’re using Windows, press Ctrl + U. If you’re using a Mac, press Command + Option + U. This shortcut will show you the web page’s source code. Copy the source code into the box on Click Download.


So which tool you gonna use or follow the Chrome web downloading feature? And wish you’ll love to use this way to download any Facebook videos, if you really did, then share this informative post with your friends. Thank you for be with us, keep visiting for more helpful guide and information.

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