Halo Infinite Multiplayer Review- (How to Download?)

Hey Spartans, how many opponents did you kill in Halo Infinite, and did you win that match? Halo Infinite is a new game developed by 343 Industries to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise. Its multiplayer beta is launched which is free to play and the campaign will be launched on December 8th at 18:00 UTC. You can buy the campaign on Steam at 3,499 INR. I play it with my friends and it’s very enjoyable. Its gameplay, graphics & effects, game modes, weapons, equipment, we will talk about all of these and share my views on them. So, let’s get started.

Playlists & Game Modes

Halo Infinite Multiplayer comes with four playlists: Quick Play, Bot Bootcamp, Big Team Battles, and Ranked Mode. Bot Bootcamp is the vs AI mode or you can say training mode. So, forget about this one. Quickplay, ranked and big team battles are fun to play. Quickplay is 4v4. Big team battles are 12v12. And ranked mode is also 4v4 but with some extra rules.

I don’t like ranked mode. Why? Because they give you battle sniper which shoots 4 rounds in bursts. Friendly fire and no radar. Or you can say, these rules are so hard for me, lol. There are 6 match modes you will play in these playlists. Depending on the match mode, you have to complete the objectives to win the match. These modes are written below with a small description.

Capture the flag (CTF)

There will be flags at predetermined locations on the map. You & your team will compete with the opponents to bring the flag to their bases. The first team to bring 3 flags will win the match. But make sure that your flag is available on your base when bringing the opponent’s flag to your base. Your flag must be there or you can’t score the point. fifa 16 key generator


In this mode, there will be three locations on the map. When the players of a team capture 2 locations location and hold it, their team gets points over time. The first team to accumulate 100% points by holding these locations will win the match.

One Flag CTF

It’s a turned-based CTF mode played in rounds. There will be only one flag. First, a team will be on the offensive and the other team on the defensive. After halftime, the roles will be reversed. Score more points than the opponent to win the match.

Total Control

Three locations. Capture & take control over all these three locations to win the match.


In this mode, a skull spawns on the map. When a player picks it and holds it, his team gets points over time. The team first to accumulate 1000 points will win the match.


The simplest mode. Kill 50 opponents and get the victory. There is no need to explain any more about this mode.


It’s also a flag-based mode. But the flags appear at random locations and are neutral. There will be a total of 4 flags. Pick them up and return to your capture points to score the points.

Out of these game modes, I like CTF, One Flag, Stockpile & Slayer the most. Because these are not location-based like stronghold or total control where you have to hold the position. It kind of limits your gameplay in those areas and everyone will just throw the grenades there. You will need drop wall or repulsor equipment here to increase your chances to survive and your team’s full support which I never get.

Some Equipment is so Fun to Use

Halo Infinite has cool equipment that is so helpful such as thruster, grapple shot, active camo, and repulsor. I love using them. And when combined with certain weapons, they are so deadly. They spawn at predetermined locations on the map. You can collect them just by moving near them. If you already have the equipment, then you have to pick it manually. Here I share some of the equipment and how you can use them effectively.



Grappleshot is my favorite. It shoots a hook forward and reeled in quickly. You will get to your enemies in no time with it. Just fire it on your enemy or walls near them. Reaching the locations that you can’t reach easily or by jumping is an easy task. You can also fire it on weapons to pick them up. The best weapon to use with it is an energy sword. Use the grappleshot to quickly reach your enemies and end them in one strike using the energy blade. Using it with a gravity hammer is also great. And if we talk about the game mode, then it well-suits the CTF mode. You can pick the flag from afar using it.



It’s another mind-blowing equipment included in the game. As its name suggests, it’s a repellent that can repel almost everything. Be it grenades, rockets, plasma grenades, or the player, it can repel all of these. Many players try to punch you when you are low on HP. With its help, you can throw them away. It also works very well against enemies carrying energy swords, gravity hammers, or shotguns.


It can be used as offensive or defensive equipment. It lets you dash at high speed over a short range. If you have an energy sword or shotgun, you can close the gap quickly between you and the enemy using it. Or you can use it to go in cover and escape from the enemy’s line of fire. You can also use it in the mid-air to cover more distance while jumping.  

Player Cosmetics Customization

howtoreview.net - Skin

Weapons, equipment, and game modes are all good. But the player’s customization is the only thing in it that I’m most disappointed about. It gives you no free cosmetics to customize the player. Even in the events, you need to complete certain challenges to earn some skin. You can’t get them simply by playing the event. If you don’t have a brawl pass, then forget about the customizations.

Matchmaking Time, Teammates & Opponents?

Apart from the customizations, there’s one more issue in this game and that is matchmaking. It takes too long in matchmaking. Nearly 3-4 minutes in loading other players. And about the teammates? Well, what I can say about the teammates. I played a quick match with my friend yesterday and two players just went offline in the first round. It was oddball mode. How we two are supposed to hold the ball and defend ourselves against the four? It’s not the Halo Infinite problem. So, we can’t do anything about it. But there must be some kind of penalties for these players. Because they ruin our experience.

Battle Pass Progression

I don’t know about others, but I feel making progress in the battle pass requires so much XP. It takes 1000 XP for just one level. And each challenge gives you approx. 200-350 XP. You have to play at least 2/3 matches to achieve the next level. Until you complete a challenge, the next challenge won’t appear. And there are few chances that you complete all available challenges in one or two matches. So, it will take many more matches to go to the next level.

Best Weapons

In Halo Infinite, there are 22 weapons. If you have played other games of Halo, you will recognize some of them as they are also in previous games, but with a little change. Skewer, heatwave, battle rifle, commando, bulldog, S7 sniper rifle, hydra, pulse carbine, etc. I like 6 weapons the most. Here I have mentioned those weapons & why I like them.

Energy Sword

howtoreview.net - Energy Sword

The energy sword is a melee weapon with insane damage. You will only need one hit to kill the enemy. Get close to the enemy and bahm. Kill. Grappleshot works so well with it. You can quickly cover the distance and get near the enemy. It doesn’t have an ammo system but to limit its use, it comes with an energy capacity. With each kill, it consumes 15% energy.

Gravity Hammer

howtoreview.net - Gravity Hammer

A gravity hammer is also a melee weapon with area damage. When you use it to smash the ground, it releases waves that deal massive damage to all the enemies inside its AOE range. So, it is a well-suited weapon in close combat. Thruster and grapple shot equipment is perfect for it.



It’s a grenade launcher and that’s not all. Its grenades bounce once and then explode into fragments. You can use the walls to make the grenades bounce in other directions to hit the enemies who hide behind walls. If you want more control, you can use another mode in which the grenades are converted into micro-missiles. You can control these micro-missiles using the crosshair. That’s why I like the CINDERSHOT so much.


howtoreview.net - Needler

Needler is small in size just like a secondary weapon or pistol. So, what makes it one of my favorite weapons? Its fire speed and homing crystal bullets. It has incredible rapid-fire speed. In close-mid range, there’s no match. When you aim it on the enemy and the crosshair turns red, then just fire it. All the bullets will follow the target and will land on him.


howtoreview.net - Heatwave

Heatwave comes with two fire modes: Horizontal and vertical. It fires 6 energy bullets horizontally in horizontal mode and vertically in vertical mode. And the specialties of these bullets are that they bounce off the surface multiple times and penetrate the targets. So, it works well in tighter spaces. You don’t need to focus much on aiming at the targets. Its ricochet bullets will do the work.


howtoreview.net - Skewer

The skewer is a sniper as well as a rocket launcher. It has long-range, high bullet speed, and deals destructive damage in a small area. You will only need one hit to kill the enemy. It can also destroy small vehicles in one shot. Its bullets are like a long iron spike. And it takes time to reload the bullet after firing each one.

Final Verdict

Halo Infinite is a good multiplayer PvP game for playing with friends and competing against other players. Its varieties of weapons and equipment will give you countless weapon combos to use to dominate the arena. If you are more into playing and less into skin & battle pass levels, then it’s well-suited for you. I really enjoy playing it with my friends. And if you have experience and have played any FPS games before, you will not have difficulty getting used to it too. I’m sure you will love it. Until next time. Have a nice day!

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