How to access Valorant Mobile page on Google Play Store?

Valorant Coming to Mobile: Hey mobile gamers I have a piece of good news for you, which is the PC popular game Valorant coming for Android and iOS. Well, if you are a already PC gamer then you’ll know about Valorant, which is a free-to-play competitive first-person PC shooter free game. And this game much popular in the PC gaming community and now you can play this game from 2nd Jun 2022. So let’s know some hot news and an overview of this Valorant Game. So keep reading this post which will really help you lot, even we’ll guide you on how you can play the beta version of Valorant Mobile and more details of Valorant Mobile Release date.

About Valorant Mobile

Valorant Mobile has been published on 5th August 2021, and the 2nd updated version arrived on 9th Dec 2021. And you can download this game from the different unofficial app stores like or for free. The official said this game will be available soon on GooglePlay Store or Apple App Store for free. So if you’re want to play the game right now you can check out those unofficial source app stores and play the beta version.

However, this will be an Action mobile game which is developed by NetEase and you can play this game with your Android and iOS OS devices.

Valorant Mobile info

Game NameVALORANT Mobile
Latest Version1.0
UpdateAugust 18, 2021


Popular PC Game Valorant  for Android

Valorant Mobile has impressive gameplay and levels with different weapons, also you’ll love this game with all character and their different roles in the game. And in this game, you can again show off their tactics to their teammates.

Realstic Ghraphics

As we know day by day the gaming technology upgrading its gameplay and perspective vision. Also, those game developers know peoples love something different and realistic gameplay which should give a real experience to gamers. And the good news is Valorant also a PC game and we are all know how looks a PC game, and now it’s for mobiles. Well, Valorant Mobile has a 3D realistic graphics design which will make you a fan of Valorant with levels and different weapons.

Enjoy shooting battles

Valorant Mobile gameplay is really easy to undroppable, but you have played some then you will know all about this game. In this gameplay will be participant 5V5 which will real-time shooting battles with different maps. Both teams will a mission to perform in this game and usually revolves around protecting and preventing the exploding bomb. As same every games here you also have to collect game currency and that will have to use for buying weapons or items that you feel necessary during your play.

How to play Valorant Mobile

This game is most similar to CS: Go which is also a PC game and may you know about that game. And in this game, you’ll play with your 5 team members with different types of missions. And before you enter the battle you have to choose your weapons and other battels equipment. From there, you will have yourself a weapon that you feel impressed with and, with it, overcome many different challenges. So play best and win the game and you’ll get lots of money and that will help you to unlock new weapons or skins. Valorant Mobile has a variety of characters that you have to unlock and every character has their own specialty.  You will find many different characters to experience, and each has a unique feature for you to use in battle.

Download For Android and iOS

Popular PC Game Review

Valorant Mobile now you can play with your Android and iOS devices for free. But this game is now don’t have available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store, so you have to download this game from the unofficial app store. And may you already know how to install a game with OBB file in manual mode. Now if you want to play this game then download and install it manually. But keep it mind this game is fully free to download and play so don’t pay anywhere to play Valorant Mobile.


Well, if you want to have a gaming PC but want to experience those PC games on your mobile, then it will be good news for you. Because Valorant is now also available for Android which is now beta mode but soon it will available for everyone. But you can download this game for Android for free without pre-registration. But make sure your Android device has enough free space and RAM, it will requred 2GB space and 4 GB RAM. Then you can play this game on your Android device smoothly without any problems.

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