How to Add Thumbnail in YouTube Video (Guide)

If you wanna become a video creator of YouTube platform then you must need to know how to change or set up your own video thumbnail which will help to know viewer’s quick snapshot of your video. And you should know the right way to upload a thumbnail on your video, because it makes your videos professional. Well, many peoples don’t know how to set up or upload a thumbnail photo on their video, and we’re just tried to let them know how they can, it’s on using their Web or computer, Android, iOS, devices.

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What is a Thumbnail Photo for YouTube?

You wanna become a professional YouTuber and don’t know about YouTube video thumbnail, then you should know first what is it. Well, this is an option which you can use to tell your audience about content by your video thumbnail picture. So this is a picture which you can use to put your video as a poster to explain your video and make people’s attractive to click your video.

The perfect thumbnail size is 1280 × 720 pixels with a minimum width of 640 pixels for your YouTube videos, but you also need to know the ratio, file size, and file type of your thumbnail. There are lots of YouTube thumbnail maker app or tool has available which you can use to make a cool thumbnail for free. If you want to edit a Thumbnail for free on your Android, then you can use PicArt with Adobe Lightroom to make a cool Thumbnail for free. The good news is those apps also available for iOS devices for free. But if you want to make a thumbnail with more easily and save your time then you can use a web tool using your computer, there are many useful web tool and my favorite one is which have premium and free both features.

How to Upload Thumbnail Using Android

Wish to change or upload your thumbnail using your YouTube Android app, then you can follow the steps below. Here, we’ll guide you full way to set up your video thumbnail, so don’t miss it.

Step 01: Make sure your YouTube Android app must update version, To check visit your Google Play Store and check it, Then open the YouTube Android App.

Steps 02: Click on the Library of your videos, and where you’ll see all your uploaded videos.

Steps 03: So choose a video which you want to edit or add a video thumbnail, click edit>> edit thumbnail.

Steps 04: After click edit thumbnail where it will be already auto generated thumbnail which you can change as per you want to set.

Steps 05: Now after change your thumbnail, don’t forget to click save.

That’s it, here is the guide which you can be using your Android YouTube app, well you can also upload your thumbnail when you’ll upload your YouTube video.

How to Upload Thumbnail Using iOS

If you are using iOS device like iPhone or iPad then you need to know that there is the same way you have to follow like Android device.

  1. Open the YouTube app.
  2. Tap Library>> Your videos.
  3. Next to the video you’d like to edit, tap More >> Edit >> Edit thumbnail.
  4. Select an auto-generated thumbnail or tap Custom thumbnail to create a custom video thumbnail from an image on your device.
  5. Confirm your thumbnail selection and tap SELECT.
  6. Tap SAVE.

How to Upload Thumbnail Using Computer

Well, as you have read there was the same process with Android or iOS app, but if you want to edit your YouTube thumbnail using computer or web browser then you have to follow different way which will be easy and perfect way to change thumbnail. So follow the steps below for computer users.

Step 01: To edit your uploaded YouTube video, you need to visit YouTube studio, which gives all information and performance of your videos.So now visit on YouTube Studio.

Step 02: Then click on the left menu section, and select on content option. There will be all of your content, and you can also see your videos details too.

Step 03: Now click on the video which you want to change or upload your thumbnail.

Step 04: Select an auto-generated thumbnail or click Upload thumbnail to create a custom video thumbnail from an image on your device.

Step 01: That’s it now your video with a new thumbnail, but don’t forget to click SAVE.

Note: It may take time for your thumbnail changes to appear on YouTube.

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Peoples Also Ask

How to change thumbnail on YouTube?

To change your YouTube video thumbnail, you can edit video option and where you can change thumbnail and others details like discretion, title, etc. Well, to edit your video, you can download YouTube studio app or visit YouTube studio web.

Do I need to enable this thumbnail option?

It’s depend on your location or country, maybe you need to verify your account with your mobile number, then you can use the add thumbnail option.

What is the best thumbnail maker app for Android?

There are lots of thumbnail maker app has available for Android or iOS mobile. And the best and popular one is a thumbnail app is “Thumbnail Maker & Channel Art Maker” which has free to use template.

How to make a clear thumbnail for free?

To make a clear thumbnail, you need to basic editing knowledge of Photoshop or you can keep edit using different tool. Well, as we know, practice makes perfect.

last Words

YouTube is nowadays one of the most popular free to use platform, where from also peoples can earn money too without investing money. You can also upload your video content and become a popular video creator online and make your own social profile too. And to make your content more clear and look like professional, you can also use a good look thumbnail on your video. So upload a cool and accretive thumbnail on your video and get more view and subscribers become popular.

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