How to Make a YouTube Account (Step by Step)

If you are a new user and want to create a YouTube account then this post is for you because in today’s post we are going to tell you how can you make your YouTube account very easily. It is very easy and free to create a YouTube account, and you can do it very easily. You just need to submit a little bit of basic information to create a username and password. You have to go to and click on the signup link. The signup link is at the top right of the page and the link will redirect you to where you can create your YouTube account page.

You just finished your first step, and now it’s time To to give the information so that you can create your YouTube account. You have to enter your email address and after that set a strong password does it. Once you have done this process then it will ask you to re-enter both of these quarries for security purposes. After filling in all this information twice then you have to select the country where you are living right now. You can check out the list and select your country from that also.  Now you have to enter your postal code. This is required only for US, UK, and Canadian citizens. 

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Use your YouTube account on YouTube Music

We all had hurt about the best music application and that is YouTube music. Once you had created your YouTube account then you can use that same account in two YouTube music applications. We all know that YouTube music provides the best quality of Music and if you want to enjoy and feel the music then you should have that application on your smartphone. YouTube Music is the most liked application by users in terms of music because of its features. So let’s tell you the process of creating a YouTube account.

Create your Account On YouTube

We all know that to sign in to YouTube we all need a Google account so that we can access all the features offered by YouTube to the users. If you had a Google account then it is very easy to create a YouTube account and can get access to all the features. To create a YouTube account you just have to follow some steps. We had discussed all the steps in brief if you do not know how to do that then you can read the below section.

 Follow these steps to create a YouTube account very easily.

  • You have to visit the YouTube homepage and after that set up your business account there.
  • You need to go to, and you will get a login option in the top right corner of the page.
  •  After clicking on that login option, a new page will appear on your screen.
  • You have to sign in to an existing Google account, and you can create a new one also if you want to create a specific YouTube Business account. 
  •  There it will show you the feature to enter your email address.
  •  Then you need to enter your Gmail account there and press the next button given on the screen.
  •  Now signed in as a YouTube account, you can now view, comment, and share all content on YouTube.

Keep in mind that you should always check the terms and conditions that the application shows you and click on the agree button once you have read all the privacy policies of that application. It is very easy to understand, and you do not need any degree so you can that you understand what they are saying to you. After all this process you will get a button to create your account. After clicking on that button you are good to go and your YouTube account is created now.


All the formalities are completed now and your YouTube account is created. Now you can get access to all the features offered by the YouTube team to all the users. Now you can do comments and share the content that you had watched. After creating this YouTube account you cannot use it here only, but you can use this account in YouTube’s music application. That is also a part of YouTube, but it offers you the best quality kinds of music only. So if you are interested then you can add this account to that application also.

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Popular FAQs

Is it free to create a YouTube account?

Yes, you can create your own YouTube account for free. If you can do things like share and subscribe to YouTube channels you’re currently watching.

How do I create a YouTube account?

If you really want to create a YouTube account, you can read our article because we have told you all the steps you can take to create and create your YouTube channel.

Can I make money with this platform?

No, you can’t earn money just by creating a YouTube account. You need to create a YouTube channel so that you can earn money with the help of YouTube. But this is not the eye that asks for a good content or lack of talent. And if you can attract a lot of viewers, you will make a lot of money.

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