How to Subscribe YouTube Premium: Explain Pro Features

We all know that YouTube is a very big platform and offers a lot of features to the users. Many of the features are not used by you till now but a chance to use them so search for a piece of good information about them. If yes then you have arrived at the right place because in today’s post we are going to you tell you how you can subscribe to premium YouTube. If you do not know how to do that then this post is for you, you should read all the steps and the information that we provide you very carefully.

YouTube has two types one is simple YouTube and the second is its premium version. In the simple version of YouTube, you will get a lot of ADS and interruptions in between the content that you are watching. If you do not want to see that hindrance in between when you can switch to its premium version. It offers you some extra features and there will be no ads.

What is YouTube Premium?

Had you used many applications with their premium versions? If yes then it is at same as that because YouTube Premium is a subscription that offers you some extra features than the ordinary one. It is a paid service, and you have to buy a YouTube premium in exchange for your money. In this YouTube premium, you can watch millions of videos without interruption by ads before and during a video, including video overlay ads. And in that premium version, you will never see third Party banner ads and search ads, etc.

Features of YouTube Premium

If you had not used this YouTube premium version before then you do not know about its features. So let us tell you some of the features that it provides you, and they are very practical features. Read out all these features, so you will get to know what is that premium version offering you.

Ads Free: if you are using simple YouTube urgent then you know that there are a lot of ads in between the videos. And now YouTube is increasing that ads day by day. So if you do not need those ads in between your content then you should use the YouTube premium version. It is because it will never show you any ads anytime.

Background Play: If you are having YouTube premium version that allows you to play your content in your background. So so if you are listening to songs and do not want to enjoy their videos then you can use this feature. This is also a practical feature because it can save the battery of your smartphone.

Downloads: In the simple YouTube version you know that you can download 360 p videos quality only. And if you want to view and download that content in high quality then you cannot do that with that simple version. So if you want to enjoy your content in very high quality then you have to use YouTube premium. 

Here is how to Subscribe to YouTube Premium

We had already told you that YouTube Premium is a paid membership that helps you you will wait for your experience on YouTube and other YouTube applications. It is because in the YouTube premium version you will get a lot of benefits and features. We are going to share the process of subscribing to YouTube premium. First, you have to open your smartphone and tab now open the YouTube application. After that sign in to the Google account, and you would like to start your membership. After that select your profile picture and start your trial and get YouTube premium.

How to make your channel subscriptions public or private

If you want to change the settings of your YouTube channel and want to do it as private or public then there are some steps that you have to follow. Read all these steps very carefully so that you can make your channel subscriptions public or private very easily.

  •  Foremost, you have to sign in to your YouTube on a computer device.
  •  After that you will see it in the top right corner there is a profile picture of you, and you have to click on that.
  •  Then it will show you the option settings so click on that settings option.
  •  Then in the left menu, you will find the option of privacy, and you have to click on that.
  •  In the last, you have to turn on or off and keep all my subscriptions private.

Popular FAQs

How do I set my subscription to the public?

If you want to make your subscriptions back again to the public then you have to follow all these steps and do the vice versa of it at the last step. And your YouTube subscription setting will automatically be set to the public.

Can I use a YouTube premium subscription in my YouTube music application?

Yes of course if you had bi YouTube premium subscription then you can use it in all the YouTube applications. So do not worry about anything and use it in your music application also.

What are the benefits of buying a YouTube premium?

If you want to know all the benefits of that then you have to read our post because in today’s post we had told you all the benefits of that so go and check out the above in our post.

Last Words 

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