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Download the YouTube Vanced for IOS and watch all your favorite YouTube content without having ads. As we all know that YouTube is currently the most popular video watching platform where you can watch billions of content. Watching YouTube there are so many things that people really don’t like for example video ads.

Basically while watching ads you have to watch ads too, along with some videos are also comes with sponsor part. So the YouTube Vanced is a modified version of YouTube which is completely ads free, and also it offers endless useful features that you never use before in YouTube. So if you are an IOS user, and you are searching for YouTube Vanced iOS then you have visited the right place, here we have shared all the quarries and information related to YouTube Vanced IOS.


What is YouTube Vanced?

In short the YouTube Vanced is a modified version of YouTube which offers features like ads free watching, background play. The YouTube Vanced is developed in 2017 by xfileFIN, Laura, ZaneZam, KevinX8 and its become huge popular across the worldwide. Then on March 13, 2022 the developers announced that the app will be no longer available. Then the GitHub has taken the app and let it continue. And currently YouTube Vanced is so popular, but the thing is its only available for Android so it can’t be support on IOS. But don’t worry we shared here all the answer related to YouTube Vanced IOS version.

Additional Information

App NameYouTube Vanced iOS
DeveloperTeam Vanced
Latest Version19.11.38
Size97 MB
Last UpdateApr 14, 2024

Main Features Of YouTube Vanced iOS

  • (Ads Free) Watch all the YouTube content without ads.
  • (Sponsor Block) This features simply skip the sponsor part on the video.
  • (Background Play) You can play all the videos in background and do other tasks.
  • (Restricted Mode) This can restrict those videos which you really don’t want to watch.
  • (PIP Mode) PIP Mode is basically picture in picture, which will be a pop-up display.
  • (Swipe Control) Control your video screen sound and brightness with swiping.
  • (Return Dislike Button) The dislike button is available on the YouTube Vanced.

Ads Free Watching

Vanced For iPhone Ads Free

The amazing experience of YouTube Vanced is always ads free service which is a paid thing for official YouTube. And most of the people are using the YouTube Vanced is only for ads block. Because of watching content on official YouTube there are so many ads which you have to watch before and after watching any content and it’s very annoying for most of the people. And the best way to avoid YouTube ads is using the YouTube Vanced, Otherwise using the official YouTube you have to purchase the premium subscription with the exchange of real money. So install the Vanced for a completely ads free content watching.

Sponsor Block

Sponsor is basically is one of the most useful feature where the sponsor part of the video will automatically skip. The main concern is while watching YouTube sometimes content videos are sponsors, so the creator have to mention the band on the video for promotional purpose. But the sponsor part nobody loves to watch and they have to skip that manually, But with the YouTube Vanced block sponsor part features that part will be automatically skipped. So enhance your video watching experience with the sponsor block.

Background Play

Vanced For iPhone Background Play

Many people use YouTube for listening music and podcast, But the thing is while watching YouTube you can’t run the player in the background. For getting the background player you have to get the premium plan instead of money. However, if you are user of YouTube Vanced then you will get the background from the beginning without any cost. So if you want to do other tasks like Facebook and WhatsApp while enjoying YouTube content than It’s just needed to Vanced.

Return Dislike Button

Vanced For iPhone Return Dislike Button

From the beginning YouTube doesn’t have the like and dislike button but after some years of launched the developers add button for like and dislike. But in the November 2021 the developers decided to remove the dislike button permanently. Dislike of video can describe the video, like the video is good to watch or bad to watch. But don’t worry if you are going to install the YouTube Vanced on your device because the Vanced comes with the dislike button.

Swipe Control

Swipe control is one of the most useful features available in the YouTube Vanced. If you don’t understand the swipe control then it’s basically that swiping feature which you have already uses in the MX Player. Where you can control your device sound while watching content, you just need to swipe down to decrease the sound and to high the sound just swipe up the display on the left side. Along with you can control the brightness in the same way, To control the brightness you have to swipe up and down left side display.

Download YouTube Vanced For IOS

YouTube Vanced is the most popular YouTube modified official client which allow users to enjoy truly ads free watching and along with tons of features. The Vanced is trusted by millions of users so we can also suggest you to use the application to enjoy the YouTube premium features completely free. The highly customized Vanced allow you to add tons of customization which can completely enhance your YouTube watching experience. And for IOS users the Vanced still not available for IOS device so if you have android device then you can access the application. So download the YouTube Vanced for android and enjoy amazing features like ads block and snponsor block.

Does YouTube Vanced Really Work For IOS Device?

Basically the YouTube Vanced is launched for only Android users and its become huge popular across the world then all the IOS users are also wanted to use the YouTube Vanced on their device. But the sad thing is Vanced still doesn’t available for IOS users. Although there are some jailbreaks available for iPhone users which might be help IOS users to install the Vanced on their device. Still the process is not safe for IOS users, so it’s better to not install the YouTube Vanced on their device. In short the Vanced still not officially available for IOS users, so it’s better to use the official YouTube with the premium subscription for ads free service.

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Q1: Is YouTube Vanced safe?

Although the YouTube Vanced is a third party application but it’s open source app which is managed by the GitHub, so you can use the Vanced YouTube without having to worry.

Q2: How to install the YouTube Vanced on IOS?

Most of the IOS user are finding for the YouTube Vanced IOS, but the thing is YouTube Vanced still doesn’t available for IOS version. Although there are jailbreaks available which might be support but that not a secure process.

Q3: Why does Vanced not available on Google Play Store?

The main thing is YouTube Vanced is an unofficial third part application and Google Play Store doesn’t support any kinds of third party application. So if you want to download the Vanced then you can download from here.

Q4: How to install YouTube Vanced on PC?

The only way to install YouTube Vanced on PC is you have to install an emulator first otherwise PC or laptop doesn’t support any android and IOS application. For better emulator Bluestacks is one of the best.

Q5: How to update YouTube Vanced on Android?

Usually Vanced, Microg, Vanced Music is managed by the Vanced Manager where you can update each of Vanced apps. Otherwise, you can simply download the latest version from here.

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