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If you want to use YouTube Vanced then have to know about this app which is known as Vanced MicroG APK. Because without this app, you can’t sing in on your YouTube Vanced or Vanced Music app. So keep in mind to use YouTube Vanced app you must have to install Vanced MicroG on your Android to sign in google account.

Vanced MicroG Update is Here

And for your more help in this post we are gonna shared with you each everything about this app so keep read this post to know get knowledge about Vanced MicroG.

This app also developed by Team Vanced which basically use to for Google’s Android operating system that add much needed features to the client, like Google account sign-in. Well, as you know, YouTube Vanced is a modded version of the original YouTube which comes with many features for free, and Vanced MicroG help to sing in your Google account on your YouTube Vanced and Vanced Music app. So if you want to use YouTube with full features like subscribe a channel, like or dislike videos, save offline, watch later, etc features then you must need to sing in with your Google account. And in this situation, Vanced MicroG help you to sing in your Google account on any Vanced product (Because any Vanced apps dose’t support direct Google sign in).

So click on the download button from below and get the Vanced MicroG the latest official APK file for Android.

What is Vanced MicroG APK?

In one word, Vanced MicroG is a Vanced add-on app which developed by Team Vanced which allow users to sing on YouTube with your Google Account. Not only Google account, this app also help you to sign with your HUAWEI account if you have this brand device. If you think why you have to use this app to sing in your Google account, then let me tell you YouTube Vanced or Vanced Music app dose’t support direct sign in, because this is a modded version which gives features like premium. So this is the way the developers gives you to use your YouTube Vanced with Google account. The good news is if you want to use YouTube Vanced app as a guest, then you don’t need to sign in Vanced MicroG app with your Google account.

Additional Information

App NameVanced MicroG
Size23 MB
Last UpdateMay 31, 2024
DeveloperReVanced Team

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Main Features Of Vanced MicroG APK

Here are some basic overview features of Vanced MicroG APK which you read to know more about the app.

  • Easy to Install: You can directly install this Vanced MicroG APK using Vanced Manager app and update as well.
  • Receive Push Notification: It also helps you to get your YouTube channel’s new video upload notifications.
  • Hide icon From Launcher: If you don’t need to see the app icon in home, then you can hide it with the inbuilt app feature.
  • User-Friendly Interface: It has simple interface which you can access very easily.
  • Still in working mode: This app is still working mode with official update.
About Vanced MicroG APK

Completely Free

Vanced MicroG is a definitely free to use app which developed by team vanced and available on all over the internet. But we specially recommend you to download the APK file from here because we’re only who gives you ensure provided APK file will be 100% working for all Android devices and antivirus and malware. For your privacy safety purpose we’re request you to download the app from here.

Add Google Account

Vanced MicroG APK Sign in

This is an app which basically used to sign your multiple google account, then you can sign in to a Vanced product like YouTube or Music. And you don’t need to worry about your sign in information because this app official developed app by team vanced which used over million of people’s, so don’t worry about spying your private information.

Highly Compatible

This a lite size app which is only about 50 MB and it’s will never make your device slow. The good side of this app is it will never collect data cache which really make a Android device slow. So don’t think about strong space issue about this app, it has highly competitive advantage feature which will be best for all kind of Android devices.

Avoid Google Play Service

Vanced MicroG will make different user profile which specially made for any Vanced products like YouTube or YouTube music. And this profile will never ask for you any kind of paid subscription. Just download and install, then add your Google account. After adding your Google account, you’ll be able to sign on YouTube vanced.

Receive Push Notification

Vanced MicroG APK Cloud SMS

This app also added cloud massaging feature, which basically helps you to get a notification from YouTube vanced Or vanced music. Even, it’s also help get other third party app notifications as well.

Hide icon From Launcher

Go to Vanced MicroG app setting, and then you can turn off hide icon from your device home screen as well, and visible as you wish. But point to be noted, after installed this will by default hide from launcher. So don’t worry about it not necessary to visible, but still if you don’t want to hide, go to setting>> installed app>> Vanced MicroG setting>> turn off hide icon from launcher.

Google Device Registration

Vanced MicroG APK Google Account

Complete google device registration with Vanced MicroG to use any kind of third party application on your Android. Registrars your device to Google services and creates a unique device identification. Vanced MicroG strips identifying bits other than your Google account name from registration data.

User-Friendly Interface

Well, you need to know that this is a device background used app which you don’t need to open every time, just open one time to sign in your Google account then it will never require to open. Still it has very simple sign in interface which will be easy to understood and sign in. One more thing you don’t need to open this app manually as well, When you’ll try to sign in your Google account using YouTube Vanced, it will automatically redirect to Vanced MicroG for Google account.

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Vanced MicroG APK Setting UI

Now click on the download button to get the Vanced MicroG APK with working mode. In this post, we have shared with you each everything about the App and original developer information. Also, we have guided you how to use this app and how to install this app on your Android. Well, this is an amazing app and without this app you can’t sign in YouTube Vanced using your google account.


So what do you think about Vanced MicroG APK? If you wish to use YouTube vanced or Music with your Google sign in account, then you must need to install this app on your Android. And don’t worry about your privacy and safety because this app is developed by Team vanced own. It’s just an app which help you to sign in your Google or HUAWEI account, then you can access YouTube full features for free. Thank you for downloading Vanced MicroG APK from here, keep visiting for latest update and information.

Installation Guide For MicroG Vanced APK

Notice: If you have Vanced Manager App, then you don’t need to follow the installation guide down below. You can directly install the Vanced MicroG in one click.

Step 01: Well, if you want to install this app manually on your Android, then you have to download the APK file from here. So click on the download button above and go to download page.

Step 02: After downloading the APK, go to your file manager and click the Vanced MicroG APK, and you’ll automatically visit installation page, well if you’re gonna install a third party app first time on your Android then your device will ask for a permission is “Unknown Source” so make sure you have to enable the permission.

Step 03: And when you’ll enable the setting, you’ll be able to install any third party on your Android. So complete Vanced MicroG App installation process.


This is a lite size Android OS based app which will be run almost every Android which only required Android version 4.4+. So if you have an Android which have 4.4 version or above then you can install this app on your Android.

People Asked About Vanced MicroG

Q1: What does Vanced MicroG do?

Vanced MicroG is an app which serves as a replacement for Google Play Services on the Android operating system. And you must need to install this app as additional to sign in your YouTube Vanced or Music with your Google Account.

Q2: Do you need MicroG for YouTube Vanced?

Yes, you must need to install Vanced MicroG app if going to install YouTube Vanced though Vanced Manager or sign in with your Google account. But if you want to install YouTube Vanced manually and use as a guest, then you don’t need to install this app.

Q3: Is Vanced MicroG secure to use?

This is an official developed app which is offered by Team Vanced which used peoples all over the world and trusted by million of users, so it’s will pretty safe to use and don’t need to worry your privacy and safety.

Q4: How to install the Vanced MicroG APK on PC?

First of all Vanced MicroG don’t have available for PC, iOS. Mac, devices. But if you still want to install on your PC, then you need to install an Android emulator on your PC then you can install this app as well.

Q5: Can YouTube Vanced be trusted?

Yes, this can be a third party application, but it has a million of users and most loved app by many official app store like apkmirror, APKPure, Aptoide and more. And this app is free to use, this where you don’t need to pay any amount. And no doubt you can use this app without any worry.

Q6: How to update the Vanced MicroG APK?

To keep use Vanced MicroG APK the latest version, you can download vanced manager app where from you can install or uninstall this app in one click and keep use the latest and working one. But You can also download the latest APK file from here for free.

Disclaimer: We are not the original developer of the app and are not associated with original developers in any way whatsoever. The purpose of this site is for educational purposes only.

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Disclaimer: We are not the original developer of YouTube Vanced and are not associated with original developers in any way whatsoever. You can visit if you want to connect to original developers. This site is for educational purposes only.