What Does Meta Mean? Know All About Facebook Metaverse

We all know about Facebook which is the world’s largest social media platform, where people can connect with each other. Well, may you also know? Facebook also owned other social platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. And facebook recent rebrand as “Meta” shows that the company is determined to take the next step, or leap, in VR software as well. Mark Zuckerberg proposes more than just the creation of a network of VR worlds: he sees the future as an increasingly digital landscape.

However, Metaverse is an augmented and virtual reality, where you can join and leave your life with this virtual world. And this project is being under process once it will complete, you can buy from here house, dress, etc just like GTA.

In one word, Meta is a renamed brand of Facebook which own Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. And Meta working on a new project which Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced known as Metaverse. Which is a world where you can join using tools like AR and VR. And it’s gonna change our new generation and the gaming industry as well. call of duty modern warfare 4 crack

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Why Metaverse?

Facebook, many peoples use this social media to spend their free time, connect with friends around the world, also the business purpose. Ans we also know how much misinformation spread here, and toxic news about religion and political parties. And That’s why now people are hating this platform. But Mark Zuckerberg and his company already know the feature, even they know people will love augmented and virtual reality. And they decide to build the world’s largest virtual reality world known as Metaverse. To join this Metaverse you should have Meta VR and AR then you can enjoy this world for free. But in this world will be as same our reality where you can buy a car, home, dress, etc daily life stuff by spending your real money.

Feel The Augmented Reality

What Does Meta Mean Feel The Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a real place where you can feel yourself by AR, and watching by VR. And in this meta world, you can join and walk, talk feels the reality which only exists in the meta world.

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in this real-world by computer-generated perceptual. And it’s come with including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory and olfactory. May you know pokemon go also have this AR vision gameplay which is free to play and available for Android and iOS devices. But in this Metaverse, AR is something different where you can feel the AR world in a different way. To join this Facebook Metaverse you have to use VR or AR both then it will be a fully different world for you. The good news is it’s gonna happen in our history first time, in many modern ways. Facebook (Meta) CEO Mark Zuckerberg said lots of information about this Metaverse, even here will be its own money currency which you can use to buy anything in this Metaverse.

Disadvantages of Metaverse

In my opinion, Metaverse disadvantages also exist because many people will be addicted to this world. Because no debut here will be many fun, gaming, sports activities which will make people confused between real life and Metaverse. We will become addicted to the metaverse eventually and our children will grow with it. So let’s know some disadvantages of Metaverse.

Generate addiction: As we know nowadays generate already addicted to mobile games like PUBG, BGMI, Free Fire, and others PC games. And those are just video game which is destroying their education life and our generation also. But Metaverse will be a world where we can do everything as we want as like real life, and that’s why it will make more addicted us.

Make you lose track of time: We all know the value of our time, and time doesn’t wait for us. And we should do follow our time which is more valuable than anything. But I think it will make people distract and lose track of time. So if you want to join this Metaverse then make sure you don’t lose track of your time.

Separate you from the real world: And one of the most important disadvantages of this Metaverse is, it will separate you from the real world. And it also impacts our mental health also.


Facebook Metaverse gonna change our social media life and gaming climaxes also, because here will appear each and everything just like real life. But many people think it will harm full for human and next-generation so what you think? Let us know your opinion on the comment section. And if you want to join this universe then you have to wait few more years then you can enjoy it. Because it has been started recently 2021 Aug, after completing this project you can even date your friends in the vertical world.

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