What is WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy? | Top 3 Best Alternatives for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media apps available right now. WhatsApp has been downloaded more than a billion times and there are millions of active users monthly. People use WhatsApp because it’s a simple and personal messaging application. You can send text messages, images, videos and connect with your friends and family.

With that being said, WhatsApp recently updated its privacy policy which received a lot of backlash from its users. Today, we will discuss the new privacy policy and the best alternatives to WhatsApp. So, let’s get started.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update

WhatsApp recently announced the new policy privacy in January of 2021 but what is it and how’s it going to change the scene, let’s explore. First of all, WhatsApp has retained end-to-end encryption. This means that no third party between you and the receiver won’t be able to read the contents of the messages. In fact, WhatsApp itself can’t read your messages by any means.

WhatsApp announced that it will not collect any sensitive information. Even though the information collected by WhatsApp is not personal and doesn’t directly deal with your messages, there are a lot of things that still can be retrieved.

Information collected by WhatsApp in effect to new privacy policy update.

  • Type of mobile phone – It can identify the make and model number.
  • Operating system – It can identify OS such as Android, iOS, etc.
  • Battery life – The current status of your battery life can be monitored.
  • Signal strength – How much signal you are recieveing from nearest tower.
  • Time zone – In which time zone you are using WhatsApp. Such as PST, MST, CST, etc.
  • IP Address – Can identify your Internet protocol address.
  • Profile picture – Can see your profile pic and collect meta data.
  • Status in the form of image, video and text – All stattus shared with your friends.
  • Your name and about on WhatsApp – About text written on your WhatsApp profile.
  • Your contact list, their profile picture and about – All the contacts in your phone and their information can be traced.

So you will need to be careful next time while providing information to WhatsApp.

Fortunately, if you are concerned about your privacy and worried about the way WhatsApp handles your data, you can simply switch to other apps. These apps are much better than WhatsApp and give you better control of your privacy other than just end-to-end encryption.

3 Best Alternatives to WhatsApp

1. Threema


Threema is another great alternative when it comes to sheer privacy. Threema has a different concept and unlike all the apps discussed above, Threema has a unique way of operation. To use Threema you don’t have to share your number. Instead, Threema will generate a unique ID for each user. Threema also has strong encryption and it is an open-source platform designed to give users a secure messaging environment.

However, Threema is not a Free messaging app. It will cost you one time 3.99$ and you can use the app for a lifetime without any worries. In our opinion, it is worth the price if you think you can leverage its unique features.

The reason Threema is on the top in our best alternatives to WhatsApp list despite its not being a free app is the fact that it simply beats the competition in all the aspects of privacy and security. Refer to this article to know why Threema is the best choice for you.

Threema Features

Some of the most important features of Threema are listed below.

  • Guaranteed privacy and strong encrpytion – Threema claims that it is one of the most secure messenging app in the world. It provides powerful encyrption and it is open source.
  • No need to submit personally identfiable information – Unlike almost all the messeging apps, Threema doesn’t require any sort of phone number or email address to be able to use their service. And that’s what makes it unique as a privacy focused messagner platform.
  • No Ads and No user Data Collelction – Threema claims that it is not financed by any third party ad services, so there is no data collection in order to target ads.
  • Doesn’t store messages and deletes them instantly – Telegram and including some other messanger apps store your data on their servers permanently. This could lead to exposure to your data and messages by service provider. On the other hand, messages are not stored on the servers and are deleted once they are sent through Threema.
  • Runs on their own encypted servers – Threema operates and manages messenging service through their own servers. While other services rely on Amazon AWS or Google Cloud.
  • Full GDPR compliance and 100% swiss made – Threema is created and managed withing siwtzerland and their service is fully GDPR compliant. For instance, Signal is not complied with GDPR’s Articles 27 and 28.

2. Telegram


Telegram is another great alternative to WhatsApp. It’s a free and cloud-based instant messaging service. Telegram apart from offering strong privacy control is primarily known for its power-packed features. So if you are someone who wants to use a variety of features and at the same time want to safeguard privacy then you should have a look at Telegram.

Telegram launched back in 2013 is the most popular messaging application around the world. Apart from just offering features like text messages, images, videos, etc, Telegram focuses on mass messaging and allows you to create groups with up to 2,00,000 people. These are called Super groups and make it easier for the people who want to be part of multiple groups with a huge number of members.

Telegram Features

Here are some salient features of the Telegram Messanger application.

  • End-to-end encyrption – Just like Signal, Telegram also protects your messages with end-to-end encyrption.
  • Cloud-based service – Telegram is cloud based service which means you can access your chats on multiple devices. Telegram stored little to no data on your device.
  • Full customization – Customize your Telegram messanger with veritey of options.
  • Self-destructing messages – Telegram has now a new feature where a message will be deleted automaticallly after specific period of time.
  • Uses strong ecnyrption – Telegrap is equipped with 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange.
  • Add mass members or be part of Super groups – Telegram lets you create groups that can contain maximum of 2,00,000 members.
  • Unified history and Instant search – Telegram lets you access to unified history and lets you search instantly any kind of messages, images, and videos you are looking for.
  • Share files of huge size of any type – You can share any fiels regardless of format and upto 2 GB of size. WhatsApp or any other messaging app doesn’t allow you to share such huge files.

Telegram has an ongoing cracking contest where you could win up to $300,000 if you can decipher messages sent via Telegram or know someone who can do that.

So Telegram becomes a worthy alternative to WhatsApp that you should consider if you feel WhatsApp is no more safe for you.

3. Signal


The signal is undoubtedly the best messaging app when it comes to sheer privacy. One of the biggest advantages of using Telegram is that it heavily emphasizes end-to-end encryption. While WhatsApp only applies end-to-end encryption for messages only, Telegram offers complete end-to-end protection throughout the messages and other things.

Signal Features

Here are some highlights about Signal which makes it the best alternative to WhatsApp.

  • No Ads – There are no Ads in the Signal whatsoever and it will stay like that even in future.
  • Complete end-to-end encyrption – The app is thoroghly end-to-end encrpyted. No one other than 2 parties who send and receive messages will be able to read or access the content of the message.
  • Metdata Encyrption – Here is another interesting privacy feature. While WhatsApp still uses meta data to track your personal information, Signal has end-to-end encryption for meta data as well.
  • Incognito Keyboard – This feature enables the incognito mode. Which means that no one can access to words you are typing on Signal.

Another great thing about the Signal messaging app is that it’s a Free and Open source messaging application.

So consider using Signal instead of WhatsApp if you are serious about privacy.

Want to continue using WhatApp? Take care of these things.

If the information collected by WhatsApp doesn’t matter much to you, you can still continue to use WhatsApp. We have provided some tips so that you can continue using WhatsApp without being worried much.

While WhatsApp is using end-to-end encryption, here are some things that WhatsApp still can monitor. Try to not share the following data in order to be safe.

  • Don’t enter your real name in WhatsApp profile account.
  • Avoid using WhatsApp Business as it is not end-to-encyrpted at all.
  • For privacy concern, don’t upload your picture as profile pic. Instead use anything else or simply remove it.
  • Don’t share anything in the text status area.
  • Start using other messaging apps like Signal, Telegram, etc to protect your privacy.


So that was all about it. WhatsApp is no doubt the most popular instant messaging service. But it still lacks in the security and privacy aspect. We encourage you to try other messaging platforms that are much better than WhatsApp when it comes to privacy.

As discussed above, Threema, Signal, and Telegram can directly compete against WhatsApp, and in fact, it’s worth switching to them. However, when it comes to sheer privacy and security, Threema gets the top spot because of its unique approach towards privacy.

Now it’s up to you how much do you value your privacy and if you are willing to replace WhatsApp with the more reliable options?

Let us know what do you think about these apps and which app do you like most? If you have further questions or doubts, feel free to reach out to us in the comment section.

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