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Are you searching for an YouTube modified application that application provide all the premium features completely? If yes then this post perfect for you, and you have visited the right place. Because here I am also shared the YouTube Plus Plus APK. So you can download the YouTube++ APK from here easily using the direct link.

YouTube++ 19.11.38 Update is Here

Along with know all about this YouTube++ APK like what this application is providing and what the motive of this application. Basically this application is a perfect modified application that can provide lots of features which will each of the users can enjoy their favorite content. So with this YouTube++ APK you can watch all your favorite YouTubers content without having ads.

What is YouTube++ APK?


Those who are don’t about the YouTube++ APK they can read the explanation here. If you are also one of them you can also follow this post. So basically this YouTube++ APK is a modified application of YouTube. And this application has all the features are unlocked which you will get on YouTube with only premium subscription with money. But this application is completely free to use. Here you can watch all the YouTube content with free premium features. The application also comes with same simple and easy to use interface which YouTube also has. So using the application for you will be more easy.

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Additional Information

App NameYouTube++
App Size98 MB
App Version 19.11.38
Requirement5.0 and above
Last UpdateApr 13, 2024

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New Features OF YouTube++ APK

YouTube++ APK provides lots of features that can each of the users enjoy while watching any content of YouTube in this application. Like here you can get support of video download, so you don’t have to any third party downloader. Along with the main feature is this application is completely ads free to watch like while watching any content you never have to face ads. Watch any age restricted video which are not watchable on YouTube. Play any videos in the background, this feature also save your mobile’s battery. Along with the YouTube++ APK provide many features which you can know by reading this full post. Here in this post I have explained completely about this application.

YouTube++ APK UI
YouTube++ APK Notification

  • Directly Download Videos or TV shows on your Android device. (You can download of the videos from YouTube which your favorite).
  • Completely ads free watching (watch any videos without having any ads).
  • You can play video or audio in the background. (Play any videos in the background, it can save your mobile battery).
  • Adjust video playback speed from 05x to 2.0x. (Control the videos speed if no matter if you want to play in speed or slow).
  • No age restriction for streaming. (You can watch any videos even it’s age restriction on YouTube).
  • Inbuilt Audio file downloader. (You can download any videos as an audio format).
  • Block annoying video suggestions. (If you bore with any video for suggestion then you can block).
  • Get high-quality video quality like 1080p and 1020p etc. (Watch video in very high quality).

Background Play

YouTube++ APK play video background

Best thing about this YouTube++ APK is its support of background play for every device. Basically the background play feature also support YouTube but not for all device. So no matter if you are using any device even you can get background plying support with this application. Those who are don’t know what is background play, so basically you can play any video in the background even if your mobile has screen lock. So this application will never stop your entertainment.

Age Restriction

If you are YouTube user for many times then you know that YouTube has a trams and condition where they restricted some videos which are not following their guidelines. But millions of people still want to watch those videos. So if you are also one of them who want to watch a video which is age restricted then you have to use the YouTube++ APK. Because this application supports all the age restricted videos which are not watchable. So using this application you have limit to watch any content even if its age restricted.

Auto Replay

After watching any content on YouTube if you are on autoplay then it next to next video or if off autoplay then it stops. But if anyone wanted to watch a content again and again then they have to play it again. So if you are also facing same problem then this application is very helpful for you. Because the YouTube++ APK comes with auto replay feature, And this feature will play the same video which just watched. So basically you watch any video in loop.

Video Downloader

Most of the time while watching any video content many people want to download that video to watch it while they are free. But the thing YouTube doesn’t allow their users to download any video to their phone memory. Basically the video will be downloaded to their YouTube account, and they can’t share it with anyone. So people always use third party downloader to download any YouTube video. But using the YouTube++ APK you can directly download videos, Because this application has that feature to download any videos.

Ads Free Watching

Watching ads while enjoying any content in any platform is so boring and irritating for everyone. And YouTube also shows so many ads on their every content and this thing was very bad experience for every audience. So if you are also one of them audience who also bored by watching ads then this application is for you. Because this YouTube++ APK provide completely ads free watching. So using this application you can be watch any YouTube content without having any kinds of ads.

High Quality Watching

If you think that this YouTube++ APK is a modified application, so the video quality will be decrease, basically isn’t. The YouTube++ APK provide one of the best high quality watching experience to their users. Here in this application you can enjoy YouTube content in 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2k, even it can be 4k. So the thing is watching videos on this application is always ion high quality if you want to watch in high quality.

Hide Videos

As we all know that YouTube is a video platform where you can enjoy unlimited videos from all over the world. But nowadays, many people love to listen musics on the YouTube. And whenever we listen music most of the time we love to do other things. So the YouTube++ APK has an amazing feature and that hide any video. So this concept is very simple like if you want to listen any content then you can hide the video, and the content will be run without pause.

User-Friendly Interface.

One of the best thing about this YouTube++ APK is using the application is very easy and simple like anybody can use and enjoy their favorite content on YouTube. The interface of the YouTube++ APK is almost the same as original YouTube. So basically the experience you get from YouTube the same experience is here. The interface is so user-friendly and easy to use with a simple them to use. So you can easily enjoy your all content.

YouTube++ Android Review By

So basically the YouTube++ APK is one of the best modified and working application of YouTube which you can find on your site. We have tasted the application by our team and our lots of users and the application review is really positive. So moral of the story is this YouTube++ APK is one of the best to enjoy YouTube free, and you can download the application from our site. And talking about our suggestion then we suggest this application to use for every user.

Last Thought

Personally I use this YouTube++ APK for my mobile and I love this application very much. So basically in my opinion this YouTube++ APK was one of the best YouTube modified application to watch any YouTube content completely free. And we have shared the direct download link of this application here. Along with you can learn a lot of things about this application here in this post, because this post is all about the YouTube++ APK. The application provide video download age restricted video watching and also many useful features that you never get with any other application. So this application is always special to use for every people who also love to watch YouTube content of their favorite YouTubers.

Installation Guide For YouTube++ APK

Notice: Those who are really don’t know about how to download and install the YouTube++ APK on your mobile device you can follow some installation guide here which I am shared here. By following the instructions you can easily install the application on your mobile device.

Enabling unknown sources
Enabling unknown sources
Giving unknown source permission
Giving unknown source permission


First to download the YouTube++ APK you have to click on that download button which you can see in this page > then you will go to the download page where you will get another download button click on that > after that your downloading was starting, so let the downloading process complete 100%.


To install the YouTube++ APK now you have to go to your mobile file manager and find the application and then click on it > Then you can see an installation button click on that > Now go to your mobile setting and then unlock unknown resource > then you have to back to installation process > So let the installation process complete, then your application was installation complete, and you can enjoy the YouTube free.

YouTube++ APK Install done

Friendly Asked Questions

Q1: Using the YouTube++ APK is safe?

If you are going to download and install the YouTube++ APK on your smartphone, and you are worried about may think then just don’t worry. Because this application is completely safe for every user, And we never shared any kind of harmful application for our users.

Q2: Using the YouTube++ APK is beneficial?

Yes of course using the YouTube++ APK is beneficial, Because this application provide all the premium features completely free. But using the official YouTube you have to purchase premium membership with money. So if you want to use YouTube free with premium features then use this application.

Q3: How to install the YouTube++ APK on PC?

YouTube++ APK is not an PC application, But if you still want to install the YouTube++ APK on your PC then you have to install the Blue stack emulator because only emulator support any mobile application to any PC or laptops. And yes it’s possible to install the application on PC.

Q4: Is this YouTube++ APK available on Play Store?

The thing is Google Play Store doesn’t allow any modified and third party application on their store and this YouTube++ APK us a modified application. So basically you have to download the YouTube++ APK from here, Because you can’t get it on the play store.

Q5: Using the YouTube++ APK is free?

To use the YouTube there are a subscription play which you have to purchase with money to avoid ads and other things. But you can use the YouTube++ APK because it’s completely free to use, So basically the YouTube++ APK is totally ads free to use even free without wasting money.

Q6: How to update the YouTube++ APK?

Don’t worry about the update because whenever any new version was coming we will update that as soon as possible on our, So basically if you need to update the YouTube++ APK you can visit this website again and get the latest version easily.

Disclaimer: We are not the original developer of the app and are not associated with original developers in any way whatsoever. The purpose of this site is for educational purposes only.

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