YouTube Vanced APK Official Download

YouTube Vanced APK Official Download

Searching for the best and working version of the YouTube Vanced APK then welcome you have visited the right website. Here in this post you will get the exact and working version of YouTube Vanced APK even for Android Car. This Vanced YouTube is the modified version of YouTube which allow every user to use the YouTube without having any ads. Along with all premium features are completely free which are only available with money in the official YouTube. In the other hand get some useful feature which are really missing the YouTube for example dislike button and that is hide from YouTube, But for this Vanced YouTube APK this is also available. Then to download this awesome application of YouTube get the direct link in this post, so just get your YouTube Vanced and use YouTube without having any sponsor and ads.

Get YouTube Vanced Manager APK to Get All Vanced Apps in One

Last Update Mar 2023

Get your latest 2023 version Vanced Apps Which is also people call ReVanced with all features😉.


About YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is a modded version of the original YouTube app. Which comes with many amazing features which million of users love to use, like in this app you can watch unlimited videos without any Ads or sponsors for free, yes it’s not YouTube Premium, but it gives features like premium. This app is developed by Team Vanced which we can download or use for totally free. Developer and senior XDA member Rafalete created this App by modifying the original YouTube app with features Sponsor Block, Return YouTube Dislike, and amazing Customization for free. This app also known as YouTube Vanced Mod APK just because of here you can stream without Ads for free.

Well, now if you want to know where from you can download this app? Then let me tell you this app will be available all over the Internet and many official app store like uptodown, APKPure, apkmirror, and more for free. Even you can download the latest version of YouTube Vanced Manager APK from here or free. To know more about this app or using guide, please read below.


Vanced Manager APK UI 2

How it works

You will love the functionality

Those who are don’t know how the YouTube Vanced APK works then basically it’s so simple. Although there are no difference between YouTube and YouTube Vanced of using style. The way YouTube is working as the same way this application also work. You just have to install the application and sing in to your account to access your favorite content in this application. But the biggest thing is this YouTube Vanced provide each and every single features free. In the other hand using the official YouTube there are premium features available for only with money. In short to avoid money premium features using the YouTube Vanced APK is all time beneficial for every YouTube users.

Well Optimized


Google Sing In

Always Free

All Features of YouTubeVanced

The YouTube Vanced is popular for providing lots of useful features for free. The thing is those function which Vanced YouTube provide all are free and that’s the reason why people so much love this application over the official YouTube. Watching content with ads on every video is very annoying but with the Vanced version ads are complete not available. So these amazing features will make the YouTube Vanced special, and for this reason millions of people prefer Vanced version compared to official YouTube.

Return Dislike Button: Many people know that in the recent YouTube update the dislike button has been hide by the YouTube. So that mean no one can see dislike in any videos, Use the YouTube Vanced APK to get back the dislike button on every video. So it will be easy to see every video exact number of dislike.

Swipe Control: Control the display brightness and sound using only swipe. Basically this function is like other video watching platform such as MX Player. Basically to control the brightness and sound just have to swipe on the YouTube Vanced display, so then it will be controllable. Now don’t need to control the brightness with device notification panel.

Picture in Picture: Picture in picture is basically PIP mode where you can use other application while also you are running the YouTube Vanced, and there you will get separate display of YouTube. This function is only available on this application so to enjoy PIP mode download YouTube Vanced.

Auto-Repeat: Using the official YouTube there are not available the auto-repeat button. Basically to repeat the same start the same video we have to start again that video. But using the YouTube Vanced APK this problem has been solved, because this application comes with auto-repeat button.

Theme: The YouTube comes with daily same theme which everyone use like white and dark. And with only these theme YouTube users get bored day by day. Now to enjoy more theme download the YouTube Vanced, Because the Vanced YouTube provides themes like dark, black, white. The dark and Black theme can save the mobile battery more than 20%.



Amazing Feature of YouTubeVanced

As everyone knows that Vanced YouTube APK offers lots of useful and interesting functionality. Moreover, You can enjoy in the YouTube Vanced PIP mode, swipe control and brightness adjustment and also many features to explain. But the thing is main features you will get in the YouTube Vanced is Sponsor Block, Ads Free watching experience and Background Playback. Mostly these three function is most important for every YouTube users nowadays. Then to know more about these features read the explanation which are shared in the below of this.

Sponsor Block

Sponsor Block

Return YouTube Dislike

Return YouTube Dislike

Sing In Your Google Account

Sing In Your Google Account
Return YouTube Dislike YouTube Vanced

Simple Interface

The interface comes with the YouTube Vanced APK is as simple as YouTube. Basically those who use YouTube they can easily access this application too. The interface comes is very similar as YouTube like so easy to use and handle. The difference between these YouTube and YouTube Vanced is this application comes with lots of extra and premium features completely free. But the YouTube don’t let any users enjoy premium features free. In short using the YouTube Vanced so simple and easy, it’s comes with very user-friendly interface which anyone can use and enjoy their favorite YouTubers content.

Available for Android

For android users this YouTube Vanced APK is just an open source to watch any videos with all premium features free. If you are an Android user then this application is only made for you just access any of your Favorite YouTube content without having ads without having a single sponsor part. Talking about IOS users then it’s very sad to say that this YouTube Vanced APK is not supported for any kinds of IOS users. Those who are IOS users they want to use this application they just simple skip this YouTube Vanced and use the official version. So if you are an Android device users then it’s an amazing opportunity to get premium features free in this application to enjoy any YouTube content.

YouTube Vanced MOD Picture in picture

Get the app now!

Here is the latest version of YouTube Vanced by Official Team Vanced for Android.

YouTube Premium


Sponsor Block

Sponsor Block

Nowadays almost every YouTube content comes with sponsor. The thing is no one love to watch sponsor while watching their favorite YouTube content. To avoid those every annoying sponsor YouTube Vanced APK is the only best option you can choose. Because the YouTube Vanced has feature to directly skip the sponsor part of every video. Now watch any of YouTube content without having any kinds of interruption sponsor, it’s helping you a lot to enjoy the pure content.

Background Playback

Background Playback

With YouTube Vanced APK play any video in the background and do what you want to do while watching anything on the YouTube. Those who are don’t know what is background playback. Basically while watching any videos on the YouTube you can’t minimize the application, because the video will be stopped. But with the YouTube Vanced it will be never happen because this application comes with background playback feature which lets you watch and listen any YouTube content in the background.

Block All Ad

Block All Ad

Without YouTube premium watching any content on the YouTube is so annoying because there are a lot of ads. Now those who are want to enjoy any kinds of YouTube content without having a single ad they can use the YouTube Vanced APK. The reason behind it is it’s completely ads free YouTube MOD which allow everyone to watch any YouTube content of their favorite creator without ads.

How to Install for Android

Now you need to know how to install this app for Android. So before you install this app, you will need to download this app from here. And you can download YouTube Vanced Mod APK which will be required to install Vanced MicroG for Google Sign in.

But if you download YouTube Vanced Manager APK from here, then you don’t need to download any app from here. The manager app will provide you all latest version YouTube Vanced, YouTube Vanced Music, Vanced MicroG, in same place. In one word, the manager app is a vanced store and vanced installer tool.

And here from you will know how to install YouTube Vanced Manager app on your Android for free.

Step 01: Download the APK file from the provided link, and make sure you have enabled the unknown source from your setting. To enable the setting, go to your device setting>> security>> enable unknown source. (the method maybe different for your device, it’s depend on your device UI).

Step 02: Now visit your file manager and click the downloaded APK file, then installation process will start. It will take few moments and ones it will be done your Vanced Manager app will be ready to use.

That’s it, but if you want to install this app on your MIUI device then you have to turn off an additional setting which is known as MIUI optimization. It’s necessary to do, to know how to turn off MIUI optimization, read here.

Common Error And Their Solution

Here are some easy solutions If these solutions can’t fix your problems, Then please create issues here.

Problem: If There Were No Internet Connection Error?

Solutions: Simply just remove your account from Vanced MicroG or You can also try VPN (If you have and try again). Do wipe your Vanced MicroG & YouTube Vanced & YouTube Music Vanced app data and cache then enable auto start for Vanced MicroG if you have used huge customized Android version including MIUI, OneUI, FlymeOS, HarmonyOS, etc.

Problem: App Not Installed?

Solutions: Now just simply free some storage space and then try again Here you have to uninstall official YouTube Vanced client downloaded from Vanced Manager after that reinstall. Reason : Mismatch signature. Then make sure you have already downloaded Universal version of YouTube Vanced/YouTube Music Vanced.

Problem: App Crash When Opening?

Solutions: Reinstall or install Vanced MicroG, Just turn off battery optimization for Vanced MicroG. Then Allow Vanced MicroG to run on the background after that auto start (on heavy customized OS : MIUI, OneUI, FlymeOS, HarmonyOS, etc.) Wipe app data and cache. Reinstall YouTube Vanced client.

Problem: Not Responding When Watch Videos?

Solutions: If you ever get your YouTube Vanced not responding when you try to watch a video, Then the reason is returning YouTube Dislike Button, So once trying to get the dislikes from the API, but due to poor network conditions, RYD unable to get the metrics, resulting in unresponsive YouTube. Turn off RYD in settings if you often have unstable network connection.

Problem: Is It Not Responding While Not Watch Any Videos?

Solutions: Simply check your mobile device and make sure the official latest version of YouTube still run well on your device, Older devices will often have this problem because the hardware is too old.

Problem: There was a Problem Parsing The Package?

Solutions: Here you have to check your Android version, Then make sure your current Android version meet minimum required of Android version. or Redownload APK file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is YouTube Vanced Still Working in 2023 May?

YouTube Vanced is a nowadays most popular and useful YouTube modded app which provide some extra features which gives feel like premium, which was developed by XDA Senior Dev Master_T, but unfortunately this app was terminated by google LLC. Well, the good news is take over a new developer, and you can again use this YouTube Vanced App on your Android with fully updated features with better experience.

Is YouTube Vanced Free?

This is a modded version of the original YouTube application which comes with many amazing features which peoples love to use. And to use this app, you don’t need to pay for any subscription, it’s totally free to use and safe.

Can I use YouTube Vanced for iOS?

As you know, YouTube Vanced become very popular application, and meanwhile this app also want to use many iOS devices users. But, unfortunately, team vanced still has not developed this app for iOS. So if you are looking YouTube Vanced for iOS then you should know YouTube Vanced currently not available for iOS.

How to install for Android?

To install YouTube Vanced for iOS is very easy in your Android, just you need to download the provided APK file and follow the interaction by the guide post and enjoy those premium features for free. You can also install the Vanced Manager APK as normal and from where you can install all vanced apps for free.

Is YouTube Vanced Official?

YouTube Vanced APK is one of the most popular modded versions of the Official YouTube and has been used by millions of users. This APK app is designed by so many advanced and latest features that are lacked by the official version. Using YouTube Vanced you can watch videos without Ads, play video background your device, picture in picture play, sponsor block, and much more. And this is a app which is official design and developed by Google LLC, so technically it not an official app.

Did vanced shut down 2022?

Yes, it’s not fake news that YouTube Vanced was discontinued, but this app now takeover others XDA developers and again continuing the YouTube Vanced project. And you can use this latest version YouTube Vanced app for Android without any error.

Best alternative for YouTube Vanced?

And if you still don’t want to use this YouTube Vanced then you can also use this app the best alternative version which is known as NewPipe. And it has similar features like YouTube Vanced and free to use as well for Android.

It’s illegal to use YouTube Vanced APK?

As I have already said to you, this is a modded version YouTube app which is not available in Google Play Store. And this app was developed by XDA Senior Dev Master_T. And it’s gives features like background playback and Ads free video watch, and you are a user of this app. So you don’t need to worry if you’re using this app.


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