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Hey finding for best music listening platform on the internet? Then this post is only for you. So basically here in this post I have shared the YouTube Music Vanced APK. This is YouTube Music App modified version which allow you to listen unlimited musics on your android device.

Vanced Music v6.51.52 Update is Here

The best thing about this YouTube Music Vanced APK is it’s provide all the features completely free. Like you will get music listening without having single ads which are always boring. So if you are finding for this YouTube Music Vanced APK only then this application I have shared here this is best working version on the internet. You can download the application from here directly to install in your android device. To know more read the full post.

What is Vanced YouTube Music?


Let’s talk about here what is the YouTube Music Vanced APK. So basically the YouTube Music Vanced APK is a music streaming platform where you can listen unlimited music without having any kinds of interruptions. This application also made by the Vanced Team who also created YouTube Vanced APK. And this application’s main motive is to provide best music listening experience to their user. So this is a YouTube Music’s modified application which you can use in your android device. And if you are an IOS user then this application not for you. The application provide all the premium feature completely free which are available on the YouTube with money. So enjoy all your favorite musics free.

Additional Information

App Name YouTube Music Vanced
App Version v6.51.52
App Size47 MB
Required6.0 and Up
UpdateMay 10, 2024

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YouTube Music Vanced Download

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Main Features Of YouTube Music Vanced APK

YouTube Music Vanced Sing in
YouTube Music Vanced features

Talking about those feature of this YouTube Music Vanced APK then this application is known to provide lots of interesting and helpful feature, and we all know that. Here basically here in this application you will get many such as Offline Music Experience, Create Your Own playlist, Restricted Mode, Real-Time Lyrics, Best recommendations, Save Mobile Data, Ads Free listening, Background playback, etc. And have also many feature that you can know by reading this post completely, so to know more read the post.

  • Unlocked Premium Features: Music Vanced offers the YouTube music app’s premium all features with extra unlocked features.
  • Stream Non-stop: With this Vanced music application, (You can stream both music and videos as their UI).
  • Background Playback: Listen to any music in the background (This feature can save your battery).
  • Bluetooth Mood : Connect any Bluetooth devices to play songs from YouTube music Vanced (You can listen musics in Bluetooth device).
  • Save mobile data: To save your roaming data, the Vanced music provide lot by makes videos to the mp3 version.
  • Ad-Free Music: Listen any music without having any ads (This features will make completely ads free music listening).
  • Offline Music: Listen any music offline to your YouTube Music Vanced, (You can download any music and make it offline to listen any time).
  • Create Playlist: Create your favorite playlist to listen anytime all your favorite musics, (Yes YouTube Music Vanced provide playlist).
  • Restricted Mode: Restricted mood to control your video content, (This feature will help your kids to avoid harmful content).

Background playback

YouTube Music Vanced thumbnail

Not all time we can turn on our mobile’s display while listening musics. But in many applications doesn’t support background playback support. Well how you have to avoid this, so basically you can use the YouTube Music Vanced APK which is very good for this. That means this application has background playback feature which will be help you to while listening music you can off your mobile’s display. This amazing feature will also help you to save your valuable mobile battery.

Ads Free listening

The best boring thing while listening music on the original YouTube application is it’s showing so many ads which very irritating for every user. And if we want to stop the ads then they ask for money which was we having to buy a premium membership. So don’t worry this YouTube Music Vanced APK have the solution. And that is basically this application is completely ads free. That means you can listen music any time without having single ads.

Save Mobile Data

This application has an amazing helpful feature and that is save mobile data. So this feature will help you to reduce your roaming data charges, And you can turn on this option so that prevents the music from being streamed without having a Wi-Fi connection. Also, you can turn on limit mobile data usage feature, basically when your limit will be end then music will be automatically stop and your data not will be charge. And data is so important because it’s needing every time, So use YouTube Music Vanced to listen music even with data saving.

Best recommendations

As we all know recommendation is very important thing on any kinds of entertaining platform if it’s music also. Basically while we love to listen any romantic music then next music have romantic also. So those all process of showing next music it’s depend on the application recommendation. So this YouTube Music Vanced APK provide the best recommendation which you will be love. Basically after listening a romantic music the next recommendation will romantic also.

Real-Time Lyrics

Most of the people’s have a habit and that while listening any kinds of music they love to sing also. But the thing is if they don’t know they lyrics how they can sing. Now if you are also one of them then the YouTube Music Vanced APK will solve your this problem. Now if you think how then let me explain, so basically this YouTube Music Vanced APK has a feature with Real-Time Lyrics. So when you will be listening any kinds of music you can on the Real-Time Lyrics option which will show you the actual lyrics of any musics.

Restricted Mode

So this Restricted Mode the best feature available in the YouTube Music Vanced APK. Because this feature will restricted mode hide all those content which you think inappropriate. And best use of this feature is many times our kids take our mobile but as we all know that mobile has all type of content like good and inappropriate. So if you want to keep away our kids from inappropriate content then this feature will be help a lot while your kids will take your mobile phone.

Create Your Own playlist

Music is now a part of our life, and we listen music every time like if we are working too. But the thing is ewe always love to listen our favorite musics, and it’s not possible to change the music and start our favorite our while we are working. If you are also facing this problem then install the YouTube Music Vanced APK and create your own favorite playlist and start the playlist and listen every time your all favorite musics.

Offline Music Experience

Nowadays, offline music is very important as we all know that now the thing is not all application comes with offline listening music feature. But in this application you will get that feature completely free. So no matter where you go no matter you have internet or not you can even listen to your favorite music using the YouTube Music Vanced APK. So to listen offline musics you have to install this application.

YouTube Music Vanced Review By

YouTube Music Vanced audio quality
YouTube Music Vanced equalizer

Now if you are worried about to install the YouTube Music Vanced APK to your mobile device. Then let me tel basically the YouTube Music Vanced APK best application to listen music on the YouTube. And specially our team has tasted the YouTube Music Vanced APK, and it was 100% working application and very easy to use application. So our team suggest to everyone to use this application as your YouTube music listening application. So download and install the application to your android device and enjoy every music on YouTube without having any interruptions.

Final Words

Listening music on the internet in opinion YouTube Music Vanced APK is the best option. Because here you can enjoy every music without having a single ads even this service completely free to use. This YouTube Music Vanced APK also made by Vanced Team and this YouTube Music Vanced most focus to provide best experience in YouTube application with a lot of interesting features that can a user can experience. So if you love to listen music on YouTube then this YouTube Music Vanced APK is the only application which will be best for you. And we have provided the original download link given below which will help you to download and get the application easily.

How to install YouTube Music Vanced With Vanced Manager

Notice: Basically installing the YouTube Music Vanced APK with Vanced Manager isn’t very though, but you have to follow some following steps which will be help you to install the application. So to know about those steps I am shared those below of this paragraph so read the process complete and install the YouTube Music Vanced easily.


First thing you have to download the Vanced Manager from the link given below, click on that, and you will be go in the download page. Then there was the download button click on that and here you Vanced Manager will start downloading, so let the downloading process complete to the 100%.


YouTube Music Vanced installation

Now here you have to Install the Vanced manager, So open file manager and click on the Vanced Manager and then click install. Now go to setting and unlock unknown resource and back to installation. And here will be the installation process will be complete. For the non-root option, download and install MicroG from inside Vanced Manager. Then tap to Install on YouTube Music once MicroG is successfully installed. Now in the end just run the app and sign in to it using your Google Account.

Note: To use YouTube Music Vanced you have to sing in with your Google account, and You can’t sing in without Vanced MicroG App. So make sure you have to also download Vanced MicroG APK from here to sing in your Google account.

Q1: Who created YouTube Vanced?

If you want to know who they, So basically YouTube Vanced by 4 authors named xfileFIN, Laura, ZaneZam and KevinX8, And the developer of the application is Vanced Team. And the YouTube Vanced was created in 2017, these official website is

Q2: Is Vanced YouTube music ad free?

Most of the people are irritated with many ads while listening music on the YouTube. But the YouTube Music Vanced APK comes with completely ads free experience. So yes you can use the YouTube Music Vanced APK without having any ads while listening any kinds of musics.

Q3: Is this YouTube Music Vanced APK available in Play store?

If you are going to search the YouTube Music Vanced APK on the play store then you can’t find it. Because the thing is Google Play Store is not support modified applications and this YouTube Music Vanced APK. So basically the YouTube Music Vanced is not available on the play store.

Q4: Is this YouTube Music Vanced APK is free to use?

Don’t worry the YouTube Music Vanced APK is completely free to use, YouTube Music Vanced will never ask you for money. But using the original YouTube there you have to take premium membership to avoid such irritate ads.

Q5: How to install the YouTube Music Vanced on my PC?

So basically this YouTube Music Vanced is not for PC but still if you want to download and install the YouTube Music Vanced APK on PC then you have to download first an emulator which. And that emulator will be help you to install the application.

Q6: How to update the YouTube Music Vanced APK?

Whenever you will think that your YouTube Music Vanced needs any kinds of update, but you don’t know how to update the application then don’t worry just visit this again and get the latest version. We always take this application up to date.

What’s New?

  1. Bumped base
    1. New translations added in Vanced settings such as Slovak, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Azerbaijani, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Indonesian, Greek, German, Finnish, Dutch, etc.
    2. Unlocked mini-player for kids songs.
    3. Fixed login for some Android 11 devices.
    4. Improve quality.

Disclaimer: We are not the original developer of the app and are not associated with original developers in any way whatsoever. The purpose of this site is for educational purposes only.

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Disclaimer: We are not the original developer of YouTube Vanced and are not associated with original developers in any way whatsoever. You can visit if you want to connect to original developers. This site is for educational purposes only.