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As we all know YouTube, and it has currently has billions of users, but the thing is many of us are bored with the same interface and same features. And we need some new and interesting YouTube content watching experience. So that why we shared here the NewPipe APK, which is an NewPipe is an YouTube client that lets you access many interesting and helpful features that make happy while watching YouTube content.

NewPipe 0.27.0 Update is Here

Basically this NewPipe is an YouTube client and an alternative application which allow you to watch all YouTube content in this NewPipe. So if you are also finding for a YouTube alternative or a YouTube client then this post is for you. Because in this post will be knowing many things about NewPipe APK and you can also download the application to enjoy. Using the NewPipe APK you can explore the YouTube with so many amazing features and fun. This app can easily enhance your YouTube watching experience with its features, So make sure to download the NewPipe APK from here.


What Does NewPipe APK Do?

If you are interested to download and install the NewPipe APK to your android device. But you don’t know much about this NewPipe then let me explain here. So basically this NewPipe allow you to watch all videos which are available on the YouTube with lots of interesting features that enhance your YouTube watching experience. Like NewPipe is a one of the best YouTube client that lets you download YouTube videos along with you can do any other stuff in the background on other application with the support of Pop-Up Mode. So now I hope you will understand that what does NewPipe APK do.

Additional Information

NameNewPipe APK
Size11 MB
GenreVideo Players & Editors
Android version4 And Up
Last UpdateMay 31, 2024
Developed byTeam NewPipe

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Existing Features Of NewPipe

Basically the NewPipe APK is known for providing so many extra features compared to YouTube with amazing experience. So here in this NewPipe APK will get so many extra features that will enhance your YouTube videos watching experience. With NewPipe APK you don’t need any account to subscribe or comment on any channels, along with you will get downloading feature where you can download any YouTube content. Also get Pop-Up Mode enable which help you to do other things while watching videos. Has more interesting features like those, and to know more read this full post.

  • Subscribe to the channel even if you don’t have an account (without logging into any account!)
  • Watch/Block age-restricted material
  • Watch any videos at resolutions up to 4K and start from 144p.
  • Listen to any audio in the background.
  • Watch live streams
  • Enqueue videos (and optionally save them as local playlists)
  • Show/hide general information about videos like you can see description and tags.
  • Show/hide next/related videos
  • Open a video in Kodi
  • Create and edit channel groups.
  • You can see every comment which is hided by the owner.
  • Search videos, audios, channels, playlists and albums
  • Browse videos and audios within a channel
  • Popup mode (floating player, aka Picture-in-Picture)
  • Get notifications about new videos from channels you’re subscribed to
  • Browse video feeds generated from your channel groups
  • View and search your watch history
  • Search and watch playlists (these are remote playlists, which means they’re fetched from the service you’re browsing)
  • Download videos/audios/subtitles (These are closed captions)

Watch Videos In Any Network

With the NewPipe APK your videos watching experience will be enhanced more because you never have to face any kinds of buffering. And the cause is this NewPipe APK gives users full accessibility to adjust the video quality. So in this case if you think that your videos are buffering then you can adjust the video quality to continue your watching. So use the NewPipe and watch video in any connection of network.

Support Pop-Up Mode

One of the best feature of NewPipe APK is its Support Pop-Up Mode. Basically the thing is while official YouTube you cannot access other applications but with this NewPipe you can easily. While watching videos on NewPipe in a smaller interface you can do other things on the same screen. Along with you can change the size and position of the pop-up window, so do any other stuff while watching YouTube videos.

Download Any Video And Audio

In the YouTube you can’t download any videos or audios to your phone memory, but NewPipe APK allow you to do this. Basically this NewPipe allow you to download any of your favorite videos easily even you can download videos in audio format. But using the original YouTube you can download videos only on your YouTube account. So avoid that thing and use this application to download videos in your phone memory.

Show Comments

Due to some issue or anything many creators off their videos comment section, It can be for not spam on comment section or for abusing words but if you love any video, and you want to share any kinds of feedback to the creator in the comment section it’s not possible with the original YouTube APK. But this feature is for YouTube not for NewPipe, basically you can easily see those comments with NewPipe which are hide.

Watch Age-Restricted Material

If you are a regular YouTube viewer then you should about the YouTube Age-Restricted Policy. So in shortly you can’t watch Age-Restricted videos in YouTube because this is against YouTube policy. But if still want to watch any videos which are also Age-Restricted then don’t worry and use this NewPipe APK. Because the NewPipe APK also allow you to watch any kinds of NewPipe APK content of YouTube.

Watch High Quality Videos

No matter if you are watching videos on YouTube or in NewPipe APK you can watch high quality videos. Basically this application already provide many extra and useful features that YouTube never allow along with it’s also provide high quality videos. So download the NewPipe APK if you want to watch high quality YouTube video on a YouTube client. This application provide quality 144p, 240, 360, 480p, 720, 1080p, 2k, even 4k video watching experience.

No Need Account

IF you are YouTube users then you should know that to subscribe or comment on any channel on YouTube we will need an account, otherwise we will not able to do like comment and subscribe. But the NewPipe APK is not like that because this application will never ask you for any account while subscribing or liking someone’s videos. So using the NewPipe APK no matter if you have any account or not have any account but still you can subscribe your favorite YouTuber.

Very Easy To Use Interface

If you are worried about like how to use the NewPipe APK and all just don’t worry because the application comes with really easy to use interface. The NewPipe APK comes with red colored them which you will be like. Along with the user interface is so users friendly and easy to use. No matter if you are using the application first time, or you have so much experience you can easily access the application.

Installation Guide For NewPipe

Notice: Many of you are really don’t know about how to download install the NewPipe APK from here. Now if you are also one of them who also don’t know then you can follow those instructions which are given below of this paragraph that will be help you to download and install the NewPipe APK.


To download the application first you have to click on that download button which are available in this page > Then you will go to the main download page of NewPipe where you can see the download button click on that button > Now wait here and your NewPipe APK will be downloaded in few seconds.


Let’s go to install the NewPipe, So first thing you have to do is go to file manager of your android device and then go to that folder where the application is downloaded > Then You have to click on the NewPipe application and open the App and you will see an installation option click on that > Then go to your mobile device’s setting and then go to app permissions and unlock the unknown resource > After this back to installation process and wait there, and your installation will be complete in few seconds.

Review Of NewPipe By

The version of NewPipe APK which we shared here this was really working and genuine version for using on android device. And or team has tasted the NewPipe APK many along with endless users, and it’s really impressive to see how good it works. Basically we are providing one of the best version of NewPipe APK which you can download. But by if any chance the application isn’t working on your device then you can directly let us know in the comment section, so we can fix that issue as soon as possible. So after all these explanations we will recommend you to download and use this application to your android device.

Download NewPipe APK for Android

Basically NewPipe APK is an best YouTube client you will ever find on the internet that lets you download YouTube videos with total privacy. Using the application is also very easy and simple like anybody can use. In my opinion NewPipe APK is best to stream music in the background and do practically anything with the official client. And the best thing about this application is it comes with lots of extra feature which official YouTube will never allow you for free such as ads free watching download to library, along with watching age-restricted material. So basically finding for best client and alternative of YouTube is this NewPipe APK which you can download and use in your android device.

Frequantly Aksed Quastions About NewPipe APK

Q1: What is NewPipe used for?

Generally NewPipe APK known as an unofficial YouTube client which is only available for android user and if you are an IOS users then this application isn’t for you. Using any alternative application or a YouTube client then this application is best for you.

Q2: What is NewPipe APK?

So if you are really don’t know what is NewPipe APK then let me explain, Basically NewPipe is a YouTube client that doesn’t use any libraries that are dependent on Google’s framework or on any YouTube API.

Q3: How Can I Watch Videos Without YouTube?

If you are bored with using the original YouTube with their silly ads and fewer features than you can use this NewPipe APK, This application is a YouTube Clint application, so you can watch all your content without running YouTube.

Q4: Is NewPipe Ads Free?

Using like YouTube you have to face many kinds of ads which are really boring but with this NewPipe APK forget ads, Because the NewPipe APK provide completely ads free performance, You can stream or do what do you want to with this application is totally will be ads free.

Q5: Is NewPipe Safe To Use?

Basically we never shared any kinds of unsafe application because we don’t promote unsafe application. And talking about the NewPipe APK, so it’s completely safe to use, You can use the application without having any worry for your mobile.

Q6: Is NewPipe Free To Use?

Yes of course using the NewPipe APK there are never required for money. So yes using the NewPipe APK you don’t have to spend a single penny. So download the NewPipe application if you want to experience this application free.


  • So Lightweight
  • No More pop-up ads
  • Starts quickly and runs smoothly
  • Tons of handy features


  • Only compatible for Android
  • Never saved history or recommendations

What’s New?

  1. Fixes for Peer Tube and SoundCloud, playback of recently-ended YouTube livestreams.
    1. Add button to add a remote playlist to a local one.
    1. Image preview in Android 10+ share sheet.
    1. Improve playback parameters dialog.
    2. Move subscription import/export buttons to three-dot menu.
    3. Fix removing fully watched videos from playlist.
    4. Fix share menu theme and “add to playlist” entry.
    5. Dropping support for Android KitKat.
    6. Download videos directly through the long-press menu in list.
    7. Share local playlists as list of video URLs.
    8. Add option to hide future videos (a.k.a premieres)

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