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Love to watch favorite YouTubers content, and you are here to find a YouTube client or a modified YouTube application? Then this place is only for you Because here I am also shared a YouTube client or modified application of YouTube. So the application is OGYouTube APK, yes this application is an YouTube modified application which lets you all YouTube premium features free to use.

OGYouTube Update is Here

The application has quite similar interface which as official YouTube, so you can easily use this. So if you need any YouTube modified application where you can get ads free watching along with video download then this application best for you. As a common ting that everyone know that YouTube is all about millions of content daily, so I don’t think that anyone can bore by watching content on YouTube. So if you think quite similar then download the OGYouTube APK from here, the direct link provided below.


What is OGYouTube APK?

Those who are don’t know about this application like what is OGYouTube APK just read this paragraph. So basically OGYouTube APK is a free YouTube client that’s offering every premium features free which YouTube provides only with money. This application is like an YouTube client with modified features to use. Here in this application you can explore the YouTube with some extra and interesting features. If you are love to watch YouTube content then this application will make your YouTube content more interesting with some extra free features. Like ads free watching along with video downloader, and inbuilt music player and also these kinds of features.

Additional Information

App NameOGYouTube
App Size41 MB
Requirement5.0 and above
Last UpdateApr 14, 2024

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Existing Features Of OGYouTube APK

AS we all know that this OGYouTube APK is popular for providing lots of extra feature which you will never get free using the original YouTube. But this application provide every feature completely free to use. Like here you will get background player to run videos in the background. Get video download which will help you to download any videos in your phone. Along with the application comes with very easy to use and simple user-friendly interface which will help you use the OGYouTube APK very easily. Also has many more features to explore so to know more about this application read this post completely.

YouTube Red APK Setting and Features
YouTube Red APK Download Content

  • Ads Free: Watch any videos on the OGYouTube APK without having single ads, and this features is completely free in this application.
  • Download Videos: With this application you can download any videos to your internal storage. The application has the video downloaded. So you don’t have to install YouTube video downloader application separately.
  • PIP Mode: Do multitasking in this OGYouTube APK, Because this application gives you the PIP mode which you will never get free in the YouTube.
  • Background Player: Play any YouTube videos in the background, With these features you can listen YouTube podcast which are video format.
  • Inbuilt Music Player: Get in built music player, so avoid any other music listening application and just use the OGYouTube APK from here.

Video Downloaded

As we all know that if we download any video on the YouTube then the videos will download in your YouTube account not in your internal storage. And this features is only available with premium accounts. So if you want to download videos in your internal storage free then you have to use this OGYouTube APK. So now avoid any third party tool or application to download your YouTube content to watch anytime.

Background Player

YouTube++ APK play video background

While watching videos on the YouTube if you minimize the YouTube then your video will be stopped. So if you are annoying with this then use the best YouTube client OGYouTube APK. Because this application has support of background player. So while watching any of your favorite content on the YouTube you can listen to the audio in the background. This also help you to listen best podcast on the YouTube.

Inbuilt Music Player

If you ever played music in music player then you know that while watching musics you can do other stuff, even you can off your mobile’s screen. But watching musics on the YouTube you can’t do other things. But don’t worry with this because the OGYouTube APK comes with inbuilt music player. And this feature will help you to listen any music in while you are running any other application on your mobile.

Dark Mode

YouTube Red APK Watch Video UI

As we all know that YouTube is comes with a white interface, And most of the users are bored by the same interface. So if you are also one of them who also bored by the white interface then this application will be interesting for you. Because the OGYouTube APK provide dark mode. And in this mode everything will be dark. This dark mode also save your mobile’s battery. So watch YouTube content with less power consumption.

Completely Ads Free

Currently, YouTube has billions of users and all users hate ads while watching any content on the YouTube. And YouTube provides ads on every video, and to avoid those annoying ads you have to take premium membership with money. But using the OGYouTube APK you don’t have to spend a single penny because the application offers completely ads free watching to every user. So watch your any favorite YouTube content on this application free.

PIP Mode

One of the best feature of this application is PIP mode, now those who are don’t know what if PIP mode read this. So basically PIP mode is picture in picture where you can do other things while running YouTube. However, when you are listening musics on the OGYouTube APK you can do run other apps also like you can chat on Facebook and also other stuff like this. Basically it will be help you to do multitasking while running the OGYouTube APK.

High Quality Watching

Watching YouTube videos from other clients you can’t always get high quality watching, and it’s disappointing. So if you need an best high quality watching experience YouTube client then you should go with this OGYouTube APK. Because this application is excellent to provide high quality watching. Here you can watch YouTube content in 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720, 1080p, 2k, even you can watch in 4k.

User-friendly Interface

YouTube++ APK UI

Most of the people are going to use the OGYouTube APK for the first time, and they think that using the application is difficult. But let me clear that this OGYouTube APK is one of the easiest YouTube client you have ever use. The interface is quite similar to original YouTube, just some things are different. The interface comes is very user-friendly and easy to use like anybody can use and watch YouTube content.

Last Thought

Now in the end of the explanation of this OGYouTube APK we suggest you to use this application on your mobile. In my opinion this OGYouTube APK is the best YouTube client you have ever use. The application provide every that you will really need while watching any content on the official YouTube, but you never get those free. This OGYouTube really amazing to watch YouTube content without having any kinds of interruptions with its limitless features.

OGYouTube APK Review by YouTubeVanced.org

Basically OGYouTube APK is one of the best 100% working YouTube client which you can get from here. And here we are shared the best version of this application. Using this application you will experience the best YouTube client. We tasted this application with our team and along with lots of users, and they tell us that the app is really amazing and easy to use. So personally we recommend this application to our users to use this application on their mobile device.

Installation Guide For OGYouTube APK

Notice: Most of the people are known how to download and install application. And taking about download install the OGYouTube APK then it’s also same way to install. Now those who are don’t know how to download and install this application you can follow the instruction which are given below.


To download the OGYouTube APK first find and click on the download button which are given below of this page. Then you will go to the original download page of the application where you will get another download button click on that. So now here will your downloading was start just let it complete 100%.


For installation first go to your mobile’s file manager and then find the downloaded application and open that. Now click on the installation button you will get, After that go to your mobile’s setting and unlock the unknown resource. Then back to the installation process which is running, and here will be the OGYouTube APK installation was complete. So now you can enjoy the application free.

Here you will get some FAQ about the OGYouTube APK which will help you to clear some doubt about this application. Also, you will know more about this application.

Q1: Is it safe to use the OGYouTube app?

Basically the OGYouTube APK is a modified YouTube client which offers you most of the premium features completely free. But this OGYouTube APK is completely safe to use these are harmful to use the application in your mobile device. So don’t worry and download the application to use free premium YouTube.

Q2: Is using the OGYouTube APK free?

Using the same features which offered the OGYouTube APK on the official YouTube you have to purchase with money. And the reason is to use the OGYouTube APK is only because of it’s completely free, so yes you can use this application with extra features is also free.

Q3: How to install the OGYouTube APK PC?

Basically the OGYouTube APK isn’t for PC users. But still if you want to use this application to your PC or laptop then you have to install an emulator like BlueStacks. Because this emulator help you to install the OGYouTube APK to your PC, Basically you will need an emulator to support this application on the PC.

Q4: Is this OGYouTube APK available on Play Store?

The thing is this OGYouTube APK is a modified application in short MOD APK, And Play store doesn’t support any kinds of modified application on the play store. So if you want to install this application on your mobile then you have to download from here, and it’s totally free.

Q5: Using the OGYouTube APK is beneficial?

Yes of course using the OGYouTube APK beneficial for everyone those who are love to watch YouTube content. Because this application provide lots of extra features completely free. Like with this application you will get inbuilt music player, background play, ads free performance and also other features.

Q6: How to update OGYouTube APK?

Using any kinds of applications you always should the application up to date. And using the OGYouTube APK also same, So whenever you will need to update the OGYouTube APK then you just come again to the YouTubeVanced.org to get the latest version of this application.

Disclaimer: We are not the original developer of the app and are not associated with original developers in any way whatsoever. The purpose of this site is for educational purposes only.

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