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YouTube GO is another popular video streaming platform, same as YouTube, but it’s come with save or download videos feature which you can watch them offline anytime, anywhere for free. This app is officially developed by Google LLC, specially made for those peoples who don’t internet or Wi-Fi at all time because here you can save to download a YouTube video in one click which you can watch without internet for free.

YouTube GO 3.25.54 Update is Here


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What is YouTube GO?


YouTube GO App, same as YouTube official one, but it gives allow users to save videos or download to watch later in offline mode. The good news is this YouTube GO you can also download from official Google Play Store for free. It’s developed by Google LLC own. Now if you also have internet issue then you can use this YouTube GO app to download a YouTube video to watch later anytime, anywhere. At the same time, using this app, you can download a YouTube video with different video quality. Well, you can download the YouTube GO APK from here as well for free, with a direct download link for free.

Additional Information

File NameYouTube GO
Android Requires4.4
Size13 MB
Last UpdatedOct 09, 2023
DeveloperGoogle LLC

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Yes, there is no doubt it’s legal and offered by Google LLC own. Even, you can download the APK from the Google Play Store for free. This app look like original YouTube but provide feature save videos to watch later option. But the problem is this app may not available for every region in Google App Store, but don’t worry you can download the APK file from here and use anywhere, anytime it will work for you.

Main Features Of YouTube GO

YouTube GO APK Choos Language

As I have told you, this is an app look like original YouTube with more simple interface and well optimized design which will never make your device lag anymore. And I’ll suggest you to read full features description from down below which will help you to know better the app.

  • Download Videos to watch later.
  • Manage your data and storage.
  • Preview videos before you download or watch.
  • Choose how many MBs you use on videos.
  • Download your device or SD card.
  • Enjoy videos without buffering.

Download and watch

Well, this app specially made for download a YouTube Video with different quality which users can watch later without internet or Wi-Fi. Basically, this feature will be helpful for those peoples who don’t have proper internet service on their location, and it’s support own Google and developed by google. So you don’t need to worry about this app, it’s offered by Google LLC officially, and you can even download from the Google Play Store.

Play them without buffering

So using this app you can download a YouTube Video which you can watch with low speed or without internet to watch your videos without any buffering. Because, as you know, YouTube can’t work without internet and if you have internet problem then this YouTube GO APK will best option for you. A slow internet can make your video buffering, which is really annoying for us, and to avoid it you can watch your YouTube videos using YouTube GO APK for free.

Watch without extra data cost

As we all know nowadays, everything is on online like our daily like all stuff and that’s why we should always keep save our internet data who know when it needs for any emergency, but if you have Wi-Fi then it’s ok. Well, if you watch YouTube movies or any TV show, songs, etc on repeat then you can use this app to save your data cost which is for free, just download the video with less size and watch anytime anywhere for free.

Watch them anytime, anywhere

A long time ago, YouTube used to give us the facility to download videos for free. But now YouTube officially discontinued this feature from their YouTube app for free users, Now You need to buy a premium subscription to download offline a YouTube video. Well, the good news is you can still save a YouTube video to watch them offline using this YouTube GO, then you can watch later anytime, anywhere for free.

No more phone hanging

Did you know that? Your phone has a lot of things going on in the background when you use the internet. And that’s why your phone might give slow service or hanging issue. So to avoid this problem you can use YouTube GO APK which will help you to watch a YouTube video without internet for.

Save device data and storage

If your phone has a very small amount of data or storage, then you use YouTube GO to keep manage your device data, because this app has feature which used to save a video with less size. And thus you can use your phone’s data and storage for other purposes. Not at all, this app will give you the convenience of downloading videos in different quality. And now if minimum video contacts are saved then you will save more storage.

Save them in your phone or SD card

Your phone memory doesn’t have enough space? No need to worry, using this app you can save your videos on your SD card. And may you know every app on your device take lots of storage space and then if you download a video from YouTube then it will take more space than your device memory can full, so don’t make your device storage full which will make your device slower. If you really want to download a lot of videos, then I suggest you to use a SD card.

Chose video quality

Not at all, this app also gives you features like choosing a video quality which you can use to save your device storage. There will be basic 3 types of video quality option like data saver, standard quality, high quality. Now you have to deiced which video quality you want to watch and which will be best for your device storage or SD card storage.

Installation Guide For YouTube GO

Notice: Before you install this APK file on your Android, you need to know some basic. Like, you have to install this APK file manually on your Android device after enabling the unknown source setting from your device setting. Well, you can follow the steps below to install the APK file without any issue.

Download: To install the APK file on your Android fist, you have to download the APK file from here. And we have shared with you a direct download link which will help you to get the APK file instead. Just click on the download button and visit download page and chose a version like old or latest as per your device version. And click button again, then downloading will start soon.

Enable Unknown Source: To install a APK file on your Android device it will ask for a permission which called “Unknown Source” and after enabling the setting you can install an App manually on your Android. So make sure you have to must enable the setting. To enable unknown source installation, go to>settings>security>permissions>enable unknown source.

Install Now: Now you have enabled installation from an unknown source, you have to locate the YouTube Go APK file on your device. For this you have to go to>device storage>downloads>YouTube Go. Now just tap on the installation button and wait for a few seconds. It depends on your device’s performance.

YouTube GO APK  Install Done
YouTube GO APK  Manage Storage

The installation of YouTube Go APK the latest version, is completed safely. Now you can YouTube Go APK and sing in with your Google Account to enjoy those amazing features for free.


This is an Android OS based APK which required minimum 4.4 Android version with low ram capacity of your device. But it will take much storage space from your device, so your better option is to use a SD card to avoid storage problem. Well, read below to use this app requirement.

  • Android OS 4.4+.
  • Internet or Wi-Fi.
  • Device Storage.
  • To download Google account sing in.

YouTube Go Review By

YouTube GO APK  Download Status

May you know this is an alternative of original YouTube app where we can download a video to watch them or without internet. Even this app is developed by Google LLC own, so you don’t need to worry about it, you can also download this app from the Google Play Store as well. And team believe you’ll love to use this app with many features, when you have internet issue on your location.

Final Words

Download now the latest version of YouTube GO APK for Android from here with a direct CDN download link. And before you download the PAK file from here you can also read all those features of YouTube GO which may help you to use this app with better experience. So now you can ignore your network issue and keep watching your favorite content from YouTube. Well, what do you think about this YouTube GO APK? Please leave a comment down below, which will help us to know as user’s experience about the app. Thank you so much for check out this article, keep visiting to download always the latest YouTube GO APK for free.

Q1: Why I’m Not Finding YouTube GO APK on The Google Play Store?

Yes, it’s possible that YouTube Go not available for your country. The good news is you can download the APK from here to use it anywhere. In this article we have discoed everything about the app you read for more information.

Q2: Is YouTube GO Available for iOS Devices?

To be honest, YouTube Go officially not available for iOS in Apple Store, but you can download from a third party app store and install manually for free.

Q3: Can I Use YouTube GO APK Without Ads?

No, there is no option to use this YouTube Go APK without Ads, even it also doesn’t have official premium subscription to remove Ads. Well, you can save or download a video to watch them without Ads.

Q4: How to Install YouTube GO APK on Android?

To install YouTube Go APK in your device, you have to download the APK file from here and following the installation guide, and it’s completely safe and legal.

Q5: Is This Provided YouTube GO APK Latest?

Yes, there is no doubt that we have shared with you the latest version of YouTube Go APK for Android. Even not only latest we have also provided you all old versions YouTube Go APK for free.

Q6: Do I Need to Sing in My Google Account in YouTube GO APK?

Yes, you have to sing in with your Google account to download a video or doing others activities.

Disclaimer: We are not the original developer of YouTube Go and are not associated with original developers in any way whatsoever. You can visit Google Play Store if you want to connect to original developers. This site is for educational purposes only.

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