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Introducing the YouTube Pink APK: Suffering from so many ads while watching anything on YouTube? So if yes, then this post is only for you. Because in this post I have shared the YouTube Pink APK, And this Pink YouTube APK is a modified version of original YouTube application.

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Basically this post and this YouTube pink App very helpful for those who are also frustrating by using the original YouTube application where they have to use the application with fewer features. In the other hand YouTube Pink APK offers so many useful features for YouTube lovers like background play, ads free, autoplay, dark mode, double tap close, and also many things. So if you are YouTube lover then download YouTube Pink APK.

What is YouTube Pink App?

Many of us know this YouTube Pink, but the thing is we don’t know about this YouTube Pink. Now if you are also one of them and don’t know what is YouTube Pink then let me explain. So basically YouTube Pink APK is a completely modified application of original YouTube which contains a lot of features such as ad blocking, background playback, and more. And the important thing is those all features which provide YouTube Pink you will not get in the official YouTube application. And to get you have to pay money and this Pink version is completely free to use along with its offers lots of extra features compare to original YouTube.

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Additional Information

App NameYouTube Pink APK
Size94 MB
GenreVideo Players & Editors
Android version8 And Up
Last UpdateMay 10, 2024

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Main Features Of YouTube Pink APK

Basically to explain YouTube Pink provide so many feature to use such background play, ads free, autoplay and others. But the main thing about the YouTube Pink is it’s come with a completely Pink interface, and you can customize the pink theme according to your taste. Along with it offers dark mode to enjoy which is very helpful to save your mobile device’s battery. Also, to know about the YouTube pink APK explore this article completely.

YouTube Pink APK Developer info
YouTube Pink APK Setting

  • Pink color theme (Customizable According To Your Choice)
  • Customize the application complete even you are playing any videos.
  • Repeat the video if you want to watch more and more (This features isn’t available on standard YouTube APK)
  • You can apply dark theme if you want to save the battery power or i it’s your favorite color.
  • Access PIP mode which allow you to use another applications while watching videos on YouTube app.
  • Get an amazing feature like slider alignment, which allow you to control the brightness of the video screen (This can save the battery power).
  • The YouTube Pink app can be configured to double-tap on Pink.
  • You can watch all videos from the world if any video is restricted to watch in your country by changing the country.
  • The very helpful and interesting features is this YouTube APP is completely ads free version which never disturb you with so many ads (YouTube Pink APP is totally ads free).
  • Get one of the best recommendation by YouTube Pink, which recommend you only those videos which like to watch anytime.
  • Use limit mobile data usage option to save your mobile data.
  • Connect the same Wi-Fi with your TV and mobile device then you can watch the YouTube Pink App to your TV.
  • Using it’s not very difficult because it’s comes with very nice and easy to use interface.

Amazing Theme

The theme which offered by the YouTube Pink is really amazing and easy to use interface. The application provide completely Pink theme no matter if its notification area, search bar area, recommendations, and other area. Basically the Pink YouTube is all about Pink like every simple module of this application will be in pink color.

Background Mode

Use the background mode in this YouTube Pink, It’s offers background play. You can use others application while using the YouTube pink, it will be run in the background. So do whatever you want tot do while using this application, and it will never be stopped until you will stop the play. Using this application you are able to do scrolling on Facebook, chat on WhatsApp, and other stuff like this without any interruptions.

Videos On Repeat

If anytime you will like a video or audio on YouTube Pink and you want to listen that repeat and repeat then you can with this application. Just turn on the repeat option, and it will be repeated until you will stop no matter you are running the application foreground or background. This feature is only available with Pink YouTube not with the original YouTube application so use this application to watch videos repeat automatically.

Watch On TV

The Pink YouTube provide feature to watch your YouTube on your smart TV, but it has a condition. And that is make sure your TV is also connected top the same Wi-Fi which will connect your mobile. Along with you can connect the TV using a TV code. So watch any content in big screen using this application on TV.

No Country Restriction

Sometimes some videos are available on YouTube, but you can’t watch them due to your country’s gov Restriction. But using the YouTube Pink Application you can watch all the videos available on YouTube, Because the Pink YouTube comes with no country restriction. And this feature will help you to watch any country restriction content on YouTube.

Double Tap Close

One of the best feature of this YouTube Pink is double tap close, if you are not know what is double tap close. Then basically this feature contains just double tap on screen and YouTube pink will be sleep at once. So while using this application if you want to close the application easily then you can tap anywhere of YouTube Pink screen, and it will be close.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is very helpful nowadays because this feature is added in many social media platform and also in many apps. Basically dark mode is after enable it the application background will be complete black. This feature is also helping for saving your mobile battery. So whenever you think that you have to save the battery and turn off the pink theme then you can on the dark mode easily.

Screen Brightness

While using the original YouTube many times you have to adjust the brightness by sliding the notification bar, and it’s very bothering. So with Pink YouTube forget that and adjust your brightness on the video screen. This YouTube Pink provide screen brightness adjusting option where you just have to slide the screen of the video.

Completely Ads Free

One of the main reason to use this YouTube Pink application is its offers a pink interface and it’s ads free. This application is not like original YouTube APK where you have to face so many ads while watching any content because this application never disturb you by showing any single ads. With Pink YouTube enjoy YouTube content without having any ads.

Installation Guide For Pink YouTube APK

Notice: Those who are don’t know about how to download and install the YouTube Pink App they can follow the guide which was explained in the below. These installations guide will be help you to easily access the application on your device.

YouTube Pink APK Download Folder

TO download first click on that download button which was given on this page.

Then you have visited the download page on YouTube Pink, and there was that button to download click on that.

Now here will be your download will be start let complete to 100%.

TO install the YouTube Pink APP go and open your file manager and open that file where the app is downloaded.

Then click on the YouTube Pink and open the app and then there was button to install click on that.

Now it will need permission of unknown resource, so go to setting and unlock the unknown resource and back to installation.

Then let the installation precess complete and then here will the Pink YouTube will install completely.

YouTube Pink Review By

YouTube Pink APK Setting

We are providing the best version of YouTube Pink APK on the internet, basically this was completely working application you can use on your android device. Also, we have tasted the YouTube Pink APK by our team along with so many users. So any users can use the Pink YouTube APK from here use YouTube with pink interface. And if any chance the application isn’t working, or you can’t run the app then let us know in the comment section then we will fix that as soon as possible.


In my opinion YouTube Pink APK is one of the best alternative application of YouTube where you can watch your favorite content without having any interruptions. This Pink YouTube APK has so many extra features that enhance your YouTube watching experience. In YouTube Pink APP you can also use the data limit mode which can save your important data. So basically YouTube Pink APK is one of the best for watching YouTube content which you can get it from here easily. So download the application to watch YouTube content without having any interruptions. Now thank you so much for visiting, also visit again.

Q1: What is the best feature of YouTube Pink APK?

Basically YouTube Pink best features is its comes with completely Pink interface which you can manually customize according to your chose and along with it’s provide ads free performance and background play.

Q2: How to download YouTube Pink APP on PC?

If you want to download and install the YouTube Pink APP on your PC then you have to use any of emulator on your PC, And in the emulator you can download and install the YouTube Pink APK.

Q3: Is YouTube Pink Available for IOS devices?

If you are IOS users then sorry the YouTube Pink APK isn’t for you, Because the YouTube Pink is only available for android users.

Q4: Using the YouTube Pink is ads free?

Yes of course the YouTube Pink is completely ads free, here using the application you never have to face a single ads like the official YouTube application.

Q5: Is using the YouTube Pink APK safe?

Want to use the YouTube Pink App on your mobile device, but you are worried then don’t worry, Because the YouTube Pink is completely safe to use, so you can easily download and use this application in your android device.

Q6: How to update the Pink YouTube APP?

Whenever you think that your Pink YouTube APK needs any update then you visit our web page, because here we always take our APPs up to date, so just come here again and update your YouTube Pink.

Disclaimer: We are not the original developer of the app and are not associated with original developers in any way whatsoever. Please visit if you want to connect to original developers. The purpose of this site is for educational purposes only.

What’s New

  1. The app is now smothered to run
    1. UI is better than before.
    2. Themes can be changed
    3. Ads are totally removed
    4. Updated to the latest version.
    5. Do more task while watching any stuff.
    6. All minor bugs have been fixed.
    7. 400 error is removed

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